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Group 2


UO Producer | Dark OverLady
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1. I am a 5 year vet and i was partaking in some fun on the test shard an i came across something that you may need to look into. First off, I like to PvP, and I know that sometimes the dice just dont roll your way. The question i have is how can a mage with all 70 resists take 50 points of damage from an explosion spell when he has 120 magic resist?

2. when i have multipule stacks for gold it weighs more then one single stack. as well as with other stackable items CONFIRMED

3. I am getting REALLY tired of reporting this bug to deaf ears. I have been reporting it since OSI ran this game. Tamers can get murder counts if a blue attacks their pet... lets the pet chase them till their criminal flag wears off, and the pet thats still attacking them, could get the tamer guard killed or even worse, if they let the pet kills them then the tamer gets an undeserved murder count. NOT CONFIRMED

4. Monsters can not enter my doorless, open to public house if I am standing in it at the time the monster attacks me. but if I log off and back on, the monster walks into my house while im off line then when I rolog on its in my house and can kill me before i can see my character on screen. Is this how its supposed to work ? NOT CONFIRMED

5. I fought tetherans to gain fame to gain in sacrifice. After I gained enough (The Great Leepin Leezard) I went to wind to sacrifice a lich. When I click on the virtue gump Sacrifice nothing happens. I don't get a message that I have to wait a day (it's been about 5 days now since the last time I gave sacrifice). It doesn't give me a message saying I don't have enough fame, which I do. It doesn't turn the cursor into a target either. I am a seeker in sacrifice, with 1 red dot from becoming a follower. I play on the sonoma shard. I also do compassion, but have not seen anything wrong with that the past 2 days. I have even been gaining in compassion. NOT CONFIRMED

6. Want to make Money? how bout 200k a Hour? 2-3 times a day? Ok heres how you do it. NOT CONFIRMED

Make sure you have like 500k in the bank, Now goto a Jeweler that sells Diamons for 190 Do buy them if there selling for over 194, Now goto a Provisioners and Sell them pack for up to 200 gold thats a 6-10 Gold Profit off every Diamond! You can do this with all the other Gems the Jewler Sells Also just make sure you dont Over pay! This isnt a BUG therefore SHOULD NOT BE ILLEGAL But if it is, I am in no way responsible for what happens.

7. Pretty simple little bug that takes advantage of all the gold people leave around, as well as the high prices of Nix. CONFIRMED

1.) Collect up some junk items from the ground, go back and drop about 50 stone worth near Nix

2.) Now go collect all the gold you can find and carry (dump it on a beetle if you have one)

3.) Head over to Nix, and buy as many XBOW bolts as you can hold.

4.) Overload yourself with junk items on ground

5.) Sell bolts back to nix (usually at 1gp loss)

6.) If the total weight of the gold exceeds your max carry weight, it'll drop into the bank as a check automatically.

Now you can take advantage of the hundreds of thousands of gold left behind in the gauntlet with little danger to yourself.

8. Reaper Resists Gains: CONFIRMED
1. Place a boat by the reapers
2. Find your Magic reaper
3. Paralize or Stun it and have it follow you to your boat
4. Get on your boat and the reaper will follow you right up on it.
5. Sail away with your reaper and gain with less worrys of having a GM spot you or having someone coming up and killing it.

9. the elders in shame can shoot throught the walls they killed me shooting throught walls 2 times now the second tie i was in the room with the gate and door shut and they shoot me and killed me NOT CONFIRMED

10. My bag of sending targeted 100 powder charges and went to 1 charge. NOT CONFIRMED

11. When I run my stamina goes down very quickly even though I'm not even close to being too heavy. NOT CONFIRMED

12. I have had a nightmare that I ride and hunt with for at lease 3 months and it won't bond to me. I have fed it. Please help. NOT CONFIRMED

13. As well as Sacred Journey using 3x mana i went through a gate that someone else put up and it took me from 58 to 25 mana. NOT CONFIRMED

14. I was in my home .. which is private .. and i came in .. and an orc was on the side of my home and he teleported through the fireplace in to my home. Theres a dirt patch infront of my fireplace is where he teleported to ...

Here are the coordinates ..

71 37 n 48 56 e

15. when I got hit by a colossal blow (by a golem), instead of the game saying "You have been hit with a colossal blow!" it says "Error (SSTID): Null String". Just thought I'd let you know! CONFIRMED

16. Players are spamming sacred journey and other spells that can be cast on the run, so when you try to paralyze them you get the message "this person is already frozen"

Sacred journey can also be cast while paralyzed, I hope it was not intended to work that way. NOT CONFIRMED