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Group 19 Jade 3d/Banzai 2d


UO Producer | Dark OverLady
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
1. ok im in the doungens and cast the spell nightsight and immeditaly it shuts itself off try it again same result put on a nightsight item and cast it again then it works tak off the item and in 1 to 2 min its back to not working again.!!!

2. game is not holding saved settings ... ie.. icons on the screen ... dunno what happened just happened within a day or two i think... ...shard is Atlantic... it happens everytime i log on (looses the icons) ... I think this may be tied into recent upgrades to the game(ie patch) hope this helps ..

3. whenever i click on any button on the paper doll i get an error and kicked out of the game. it doesn't matter what time i try to do this it always happens ... seems to have happend about the time of the last revision ... i am running an antivirus utility and it is up to date and i have ran a complete scan on the system. my favorite shard ( almost exclusive) is Atlantic.

4. occurance: some of my macro`s have stopped working even after reset

5. Hail! I am xxxxx of Atlantic and I live on Malas near Luna. I have recently tried to place some vendors and they do not want to change directions. They are ass backwards! I had contacted a GM and he tried to fix it but could not. He said it had to be a bug so I am reporting it to you now.

6. plaints locked down in the house are not growing

7. I want to use a Resisting spells powerscroll. It doesn´t work because “your skill is to high for this powerscroll” I have GM in Resisting spells and not used a other powerscroll before.

8. HAve been experiencing an odd Hitpoint loss in the test SE server..

I've used potions, worn Hitpoint regent items and even died and logged out and back in to end this strange occurance.. I've managed to hold off the hitpoint loss by getting to a total hp regen of 2

9. I was in destard level 2 and when i made myself invisible to dodge the monsters the ones that didnt attack me at first before i went invisible ran up to me so fast it was as if they were my tamed pets and when i ran away they followed me just as fast and never left my side and they would not stop tailing me even after i ran and invised several times

10. For the past five days I have been sailing around with my mage character casting the spell Earthquake over and over again for periods of a half hour up to an hour, trying to get magery gain. My magery cap is set at 120.0, and I have 89.3 points in my wrestling that is pointed down, so there are plenty of points available to go toward magery gain. My magery is currently at 115.0. For the past FIVE days I have been sailing around casting the 8th circle spell Earthquake for anywhere from a half hour to an hour without getting one single .1 of gain the entire time! The guaranteed gain system stipulates that at my magery level, with 720.0 skill points total, I should be guaranteed .1 of gain every 52 hours. However, that amount of time has elapsed twice over, and I have not gotten a single .1 of gain!
A bug of some sort has found its way into the guaranteed gain system, or at least into the magery part of it. Please address this, I have been working on my mage all week with nothing to show for it! The guaranteed gain system is not working!

11. 8:50 pm Eastern, on lake austin I bought 2 pairs of boots off a player vender, the boots had +10 to strength as well as 6 and 10 strength charges on them. at 8:51 the properties vanished.

also happened with a sash ( having +10 dexerity, and 10 charges for dexterity related skill, i believe reflexes)

12. Paragon savages attack people with savage kin paint on. Was this
meant to be? If so this defeates the point of savage skin paint by
about 100%. Please help!

13. i was on a boat doing white nets with my bard. on the 3rd net the game acted as if he did not have hes jewlery on and he could no longer peace or intice any of the sea serpents or the leivithen. in the end after reloging the jewlerey started to work again. but in the mean time i ended up losing everything do to a mistake i made and both keys ended up on the boat with all my dead chars. so in the end all i can say is i screwed up big time but it would be nice if youd fix this

14. Ok you probably have recieved this before.
If you put a locked, unopened paragon chest on a vendor you can then look inside it without picking locks or removing traps etc..

15. I was in Ishnar last night fighting at a castle. I got
killed and lost some stuff that was insured. I had
re-insure items "on". Plus all my stuff was insured. I
lost alot of "luck" items. I thought when you insure
armor it stays with your body until you get rezzed. I
ended up with a lose of 4 out of 6 pieces of armor.
Why insure if you can lose it and it stay all on my
body after getting killed. I couldn't get back to my
body cause of 4 paragons. But, that not my point. When
I did get rezzed my items(armor) should be in my back
pack(i thought) by reading up on the insurance essay.
I know for 100% that my armor was insured and I have
re-insure on. I had over 1050 luck.