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Grizelda the Hag Quest

I'm stuck on the Fel version of this quest and need help. Z appeared & took back his flute but didn't give me the recipe list. When I go back to the Hag she only berates me for not completing it yet. I checked out several guides and tried farming all the possible creatures to get the ingredients but no luck. Is there a way to quit it to start over?

Petra Fyde

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Check your quest log - for these quests it's accessed through your character's context menu, not the paper doll.


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There's a number of quests that use the old "context menu" quest log - and you can only be on one of them at a time.

The Hag quest
The Naturalist Quest
The Ambitious Solen Queen quest (Bag of sending)
The Solen Matriarch quest (the more efficient powder quest, and friendship to solens)
The legacy class quests from before ML (which I believe are not completeable anymore)

And, more recently, the quest for the Mastery Books from Hawkwind in Eodon.