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Greetings fellow men of the sea. And women, of course, if there are any. I joined your brethren yesterday and wanted to thank you for having me. A dangerous looking fellow named Scast was so friendly to add me to the roster.

I am currently working on my fishing and cooking skills. I think I will live from the bank box mostly and call your pirate village my home. House I have no need for. It would be great if I could be friend in one of those houses so I can go to sleep safely.

Fair winds!


Ahoy dare Bob.. last time I seen uh mouth like yers it had a hook in it.. Har.

Good ta have ya aboard. Give me uh hollar in d' evenin's an we'll see if aye can take ya out. Kane n' I tried ta best uh great dragon last night but decided he was more pirate den we were. We den settled on some of dem giants with da broom's on dare heads.

Gonzo the charming scallywag *fart*


Do you think I can put the dragon on my fishing hook? I could also hit it with my frying pan. Other than that, I learned a bit of swinging a sword. Thanks for the warm welcome!


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Don't listen to dat scurvy scallywag!

Dragons be easy ta hook, ye jus' 'afta ask nicely. I caught two of 'em meself.

But don't you try'n hook Jabberwocky. 'e don't take ta kindly ta pain.

Welcome aboard mate!