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Kylee Meer

With such a limited frame of corporeal hours you would think that linear beings would excel at both imagination and attention to detail. While some did indeed, this was not the average. Giving a series of crisp ticks to the spider she bid it farewell, advising that it's best course of action was to rejoin it's nest just beyond Cove.

He stood in the exact same spot. Mister Arahim's dark eyes met her Black as he inclined his head. "Creatures that large that are capable of eating a small child do not have a place in Cove."

She blinked once, confusion slipping easily across her face. "She would not do that. Our conversation was clear."

"You talked to it?"

Why was this a question? "Of course."

He slowed his speech then, though the why was unclear. "Should you talk to any other... creatures like that inform them to head -away- from Cove."

She acknowledged him with a nod. His concern was perplexing. She had made it clear there was no threat. It wasn't until he grabbed her elbow and moved her over that she even noticed the woman to the right with her mouth ajar.

"What brings you to Cove, Kylee? I assume it isn't the spiders." A smile tugged at his lips as he glanced at her from the corner of his eye.

She withdrew an apple from her pouch and managed to get in the words, 'You do," before she bit into it with a wide open mouth. "I left word with the woman I would return." Unfamiliar and crooked, she twisted her mouth into what had been called a grin. That sent Arahim into a fit of laughter.

Easily, the conversation moved from her arrival to his relocation status, to the difference between obstructed and open. Transportation was a necessity for his kind. It had never been one for hers. Her responses were met with patience. His were met with confusion. Two planes of thought touched lightly on items each found commonplace. There was little rhyme or reason, the conversation simply existed. And when the time came to part ways it was simply a matter of leaving. Linear items were very cut and dry.