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[Great Lakes] Governors and Kyronix


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So for years now I've heard how wonderful Hot Air balloons would be, magic carpets etc. I've also seen at the Meet & Greets the reaction of many. One can feel the "eye rolls" at times.
Here's an idea for thought, As to save perhaps on the complications could a couple of these items be created in a digital or pixel library sort of setting (the Hot Air Balloon, gondolas, magic carpet, horse pulled wagon, grape vats we can stomp in for Festival of the Grapes, maybe a reindeer pulled sleigh ) then used periodically at say the Skara Brae Jollier fairgrounds on Great Lakes for a festival or maybe the field outside Vesper? So the idea would be these would be "for hire" pay a fee take a ride.
I think rather than a new mount or something for everyone it would remain more special if it were a 1x or 2x a year festival setting. I realize each shard is unique and what would work on Great Lakes for location may not work on all shards with their history so a degree of flexibility would be a bonus.
Could be adapted to the Winter Holidays, EM seasonal events or turned into haunted tours of death for All Hallows Eve.