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(Player News) Governor’s Meeting 8-9-20


Grand Inquisitor
Stratics Veteran
Governor’s Meeting 8-9-20

Roll Call:
The Crown Present
Governor of New Magincia; Absent
Governor of Minoc None
Governor of Britain Absent
Governor of Trinsic Present
Governor of Skara Brae; Message
Governor of Vesper None
Governor of Yew Present
Governor of Jhelom Present
Governor of Moonglow Present

(note The Gov of Skara messaged they could not attend)

King Blackthorn: As always, let us begin our meeting by detailing each governors reports. King Ron, what have you to report on Jhelom?

Ron Fellows: I am pleased to report Jhelom’s treasury remains strong with a balance of over 420 million. Since we have changed our trade deal to Bardic Collegium we have seen a surge in citizenship. I am excited to announce the first step in our campaign to rejuvenate our city and remove eyesores of the past. Near the dueling pits there is a statue In memory of those who valiantly defended Jhelom that has fallen off its pedestal. King, the people of Jhelom request the statue be repaired and placed upon its pedestal or removed entirely.

Ron Fellows: Next month I will submit a petition to highlight one of the neglected treasures of Jhelom. Specifically, the Felucca Farms and its rich history of player duels. That is all I have to report for this months meeting.

King Blackthorn: Ron is that a statue the gods need to look at?
Ron Fellows: Yes
King Blackthorn: speak with Xanthus after our meeting
Ron Fellows: Yes my lord
King Blackthorn: He will see if the dark lady can assist
Ron Fellows: *smile*
King Blackthorn: Does that conclude your report?
Ron Fellows: Yes sir
King Blackthorn: ok, glad the coffers are in good standing as well
Ron Fellows: Thank you, King

King Blackthorn: Trinsic Rose, what have you to report on Trinsic?

Trinsic Rose: Good Evening my fellow Governors and Citizens I am pleased to report the citizens of Trinsic have survived the numerous waves of monsters who invaded our shores and breached the city walls. While this has been a distraught time in our lives, the trade deals still manage to push through and our coffers still have a substantial amount of coin in them. The citizens of Trinsic would like to thank the Paladin Trainers for all of their hard work and effort put forth to train the citizens to better defend themselves against the monsters and even rogue bandits who seem to love our holy city.

Trinsic Rose: The port has resumed trade routes as well and while the orcs are acknowledged as being a danger our brave merchants push on and deliver good both to Trinsic and outlying towns along the trade paths.

King Blackthorn: Glad to see that Trinsic is doing well
Trinsic Rose: We thank you for your time and attendance today fellow citizens and that concludes the report for Trinsic

King Blackthorn: Lord grant, I will give you time after the governors have issued their reports
Grant: ok
King Blackthorn: Dezerai, what have you to report tonight?

Dezerai: *First not to throw Xanthus under the bus as he tried very hard*
Dezerai: Evening Sire, Fellow Governors, Citizens. My report tonight for the city of Moonglow
Rayce: uh oh

Dezerai: City Treasury Balance is 912,096,893. Current Trade Deal: Merchant's Association
Due to a lack of support from the Goddess I have decided to not run for reelection. Her remarks concerning our missing Citizens at the Tower of Sorcery and her lack of concern regarding the appearance of the Hall behind the bank of Moonglow are what I mean. For the Tower of Sorcery to lose those "Important Citizens" a Tower that was builded over 15 yrs ago by the Citizens of these lands, a tower that should be held as a Historical Landmark, to fall into disuse is very sad. A sad day for Sonoma. Then there is the wonderful day we are told we can select an building or area to be made beautiful, I plan and even helped to get the items I wanted for our hall. Only to be turned down.
Dezerai: (Be noted as Governor of Moonglow on Siege I was able to get all I ask for there.)

These are the reasons why I walk away this December. Thus ends this report for the Month of August
Ron Fellows: *wide eyes*
King Blackthorn: Thank you for your report. I am saddened to here such news however. Please sit on that decision and reconsider
Dezerai: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Lord Rayce, what have you to report tonight?

Rayce: Good evening sire. Yew has returned to relative peace after those blasted invasions have ended, thanks to the help of everyone who fought, our defense plan held true. We have repaired what little damage remained. Thankfully our trade and sea routes remained open during that ordeal. Yew owes its thanks to the cities of Minoc and Jhelom for providing both warriors and the fine steel used to defeat the invaders, that is all I have for tonight

King Blackthorn: Thank you for your report glad the coffers are holding strong as well.
Rayce: the treasury holds steady at 1 platinum

King Blackthorn: I will now open the floor to our guests. Lord Grant, do you have something for us?
(note: I shall translate Lord Grants to the language of Britiania)
Lord Grant: Sir, I am just returning from an long absent to our lands, its been 10 years since I last walk here, I wonder if some here would remember me from those days so long ago?

King Blackthorn: Welcome back to our lands.
Grant: thank you
Dezerai: indeed welcome back sir
Rayce: it is good to see returning citizens
King Blackthorn: Always happy to see more citizens taking part in protecting these lands

Dezerai: *looks back at the Rep from the E^E*
Trinsic Rose: *nudges Dezerai* we should see if anyone wants to join us up here

ROTT GUTT: we have just returned to the world after 7 years We are happy to be back
King Blackthorn: Welcome back to these lands! If no one has anything else to add, then I will conclude the meeting. Please see Xanthus by the statue afterwards for a short meeting.

Grant: about soul stones
(Note I totally forgot to ask Xanthus about the soul stones. I hope Lord Grant was able to get his answer last night.

Welcome back Xanthus, you were missed! 8-9-200008s.jpg 8-9-200009s.jpg 8-9-200010s.jpg 8-9-200011s.jpg 8-9-200013s.jpg 8-9-200015s.jpg 8-9-200016s.jpg