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Govenors of Chesapeake - ???

Perhaps it is my imagination but those we elect for the most part are remiss in their duties and have not enacted trade deals in their towns. I for example am fond of Minoc but my governor is not fond of us. In the past we could rely on a quicker bow or sword but these days that has fallen by the wayside.. Please correct this elected officials..
holy moly its helps if I spell things correctly... otherwise I am sticking to my bow... I have 8-10 people that will do the trade missions please provide us with the buffs. Minoc can we please have swing speed Victor?


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I'm always more than happy to set up a trade deal for Minoc. But did you know that nobody ever asks for it? In fact this entire 6 month term you are the second citizen to even reach out to me and request a trade deal? I have no idea what anyone wants unless they talk to me about it. I can't read your minds but I stay fairly plugged in and available! Apart from being present at every HOC, Governor's meeting, EM Event, always active on Stratics, occasionally on UO Forums, ICQ listed, IRC available(But that's more SOTA), and hell even my Twitter account is listed on my profile on Stratics and nobody talks to me about what they want.

Anyhow, anyone is welcome to contact me at any time. ICQ, 664331723, is the best or even PM me on Stratics or shout for me in General Chat and I'll be happy to activate any trade deals or field any other requests (Titles, things to bring to the King's attention, etc).

As of right now SSI is now active for Minoc.


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As Representative for Cove I would be happy to initiate a trade deal however the Royal Treasury does not allow us this privilege. It is yet another thing we are denied along with a voice on the council.

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Minoc has a governor?