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Gorfang- US Server <Knights of the Sepulchre>

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The Knights of the Sepulchre are a laid back guild, which delves into all aspects of the game. We started as a small group of friends and have now decided that in the realm of Warhammer we want to add some other like minded individuals and challenge more aspects of WAR. We are looking for people who are mature players. We are not perfect Miss Manners ourselves, but at the same time we don’t want to play with anyone who is going to be rude or discourteous to other players. Any Order class/race is accepted. We don’t make any demands on our guild members other than asking them to have common courtesy.

Now we at KOS recognize that not every guild is perfect for every player. here are some things about us that might help you decide if we would be a good match...

Friends first- this guild was started by friends and while we want to grow, we want to grow with people we call friends. This is a game and we are here to enjoy it, so if we are to be brothers and sisters at arms we might as well enjoy the company.

Size- In being friends we don't want to grow to big, that said we know RL comes along and we need a big enough population to give you options. we are looking at adding about 40 more members to our ranks at this time and seeing how that works.

Vent- This is optional in our guild. We have it and see advantages, but again this is a game and if we enjoy your company we will not force you to play a game except the way you want.

Hours- We have a bulk of our players on in the evening EST, but also have a dedicated bunch on in the afternoons EST. If you struggle to find serious players in the afternoon we might have just the players to quest with.

Vault- We also believe in cooperation within the guild. As such you will be given basic access to the guild vault immediately.

Ranks- Lastly KOS believes in regular member ranking promotions, so members don't get stuck too long in the lower ranks without the opportunity to advance. We have nine ranks and will move you up the chain as your participation warrants.

If you have any more questions feel free to visit our website at http://www.gamerdna.com/GuildHome.php?guildid=37292 or email me at [email protected]. If you already know you want to be a part of this great organization just send a tell to Gallion or Anaraion in game. Regardless we hope to see you on the battlefield :)!!