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Atlantic Goodman Memorial 08/29/2008


Goodman's Rune Library
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Main Eulogy by Sebastian, President of BMC:

Thank you all for coming:

Beautiful memories
Are wonderful things,
They last till the longest day,
They never wear out,
They never get lost,
And can never be given away.
To some you may be forgotten,
To others a part of the past.
But to us who loved and lost you,
Your memory will always last.

Here tonight we come together to honor Robert Francis Campbell,

Taken from us before we were ready,

A pioneer of All the Lands of UO,
The helper of the lost soul,
The keeper of the co-ordinates of this Land.

Truly this world....yes even Britannia, lost an Angel and Heaven gained a Champion.

May he have our ways cleared and marked when we join him there.

Let us raise our voices from Britannia to Heaven,

Hail Goodman!

We all so dearly love you,
May your memory always last.

Thank you for asking me to give this years' eulogy.


Thank you very much Sebastian for sharing your memories with us.

Welcome & Thank you all for attending this evening's Memorial Service.

It is hard to believe that it has been three years
since the passing of our dear friend Goodman.

I often think about what his reactions would have been
to some of the events happening in our world today.

I think he would have enjoyed the Magincia City Invasion very much.
I can see him standing on these steps helping the wounded
and passing out all matter of items to valiant warriors passing by.

I know he would have enjoyed the Spring Cleaning, after all,
who amongst us didn't need a good sorting out.

He would have been disappointed that it didn't include monster loot as he always brought home everything a monster carried no matter how valuable or worthless. Perhaps that is how he always had something for everyone who came to the library no matter what level of skills or wealth they were at.

He always kept the library current and had time for everyone that walked into it.

His shoes are large and have been impossible to fill.
His integrity, patience and kindness are missed.
A role model gone but not forgotten.

I am asked about him often by new people who did not meet him or know of him.

I explain that he was a good man like his name.
That he was very generous and kind.
That he genuinely cared about the people he met here.

It must be hard for a new person to believe that such a man
with so many good qualities once walked amongst us.
That we choose to remember him as perfect.
Only the sheer number of people who knew him,
who experienced his gentle soul,
can attest to what a truly wonderful man he really was.

This reinforces our memory of him as correct.

The one thing he was always passionate about was his Library.
He was very proud of his Library.
In his memory we have devoted ourselves to preserving that Library.

I am not alone in that devotion, as many people donate,
volunteer and visit the library.

This generosity and spirit continues to keep
Goodman and his library in our hearts and minds.

I wish to sincerely and especially thank

Lady Rachel of Rachel's Runes
Lady Berbella
Lady Aalia of Winterbreeze Library
Draken Korin, GM of TWT
Lord Sebastian of BMC

for this years' memorial would have been impossible without your help.

Lady Angelica of UWF
Lord Doc of UWF
Lord Halister Marner

and the many kind people that I have met through the last three years.

You all remind us that friends, not items or gold are the most important part of this world

Rest in Peace my Friend, until we meet again.
Thank you all for coming...

Many people got up and told their stories this year. It was wonderful to listen to people who met him and loved him. People stayed nearly an hour past the end to collectively share their memories.

Grateful thanks to Phage, Selena, Xavier, Raven Storm, Merlanda for their personal recollections, to HoFD Guild of Pacific for sending their regards and everyone that came to honor Frank aka Goodman this year.

Thanks to Queen Mum for the cookies and milk.

Special thanks to Basara/Gamlin of THB for including Goodman's numbering system in your stratics update and coming to let us all know. Your news would have made him very very happy. Thank you.

The Magincia Beach house has been finished and very closely resembles the way it looked on Goodman's Grand Opening Day & the Makuto Memorial Rooftop Rose Garden has been redecorated and dedicated to Goodman only. Please feel free to reflect and visit at any time throughout the year.

Thank you & Best Regards to All.

Goodman's Rune Library, Makuto
Goodman's Memorial Magincia Beach Library, Trammel

Kyle Orton

I never knew the man, but I feel like I did after reading all the things said about him. Tazar has recruited me to fend off the Magincia nasties this Sunday so his memorial can go down without a problem. I am honored to do so. Hail Goodman!