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Good simple rpg games?

NO BUDDY have solve my previous problem but i am posting with a hope that you will be solve my this problem now Always wanted to get into rpg games, i grew up with pokemon ( i know many don't consider that an rpg)

I have played phantasy star 1-4 but haven't completed any of them as well as that I've played final fantasy 3, 9, 7, 11, 13, 13-2 and I'm getting 14 on ps3. I have also played a lot of dragon quest 9

I don't like rpg games with complicated gimmicks and combat systems I just want something fun and simple, any recommendations?
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Diomedes Artega

Stratics Veteran
RPG's in of themselves are of complicated nature. To say I want something simple, pick up an adventure video game then. D&D for example had some complicated mechanics to it depending on your imagination I suppose. They had the 24-sided dice for a reason...