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Gold: How to Earn Your First Million

Guides Gold: How to Earn Your First Million


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Taylor submitted a new resource:

Gold: How to Earn Your First Million - Gold guide for new players

I haven't really seen any guides for this in the past, so I thought I would write something out that has helped me get started from 0-1m gold in my first week on a new server (with zero help).

Starting Out

First off, make an elvish fighter character who uses Melee weapons (unless you want to make a fletcher... arrows can be expensive). For the sake of argument, let's say a Swordsman. You will want to run as many escort quests as you can while in New Haven until you start fighting. This...
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This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.


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Train Hiding and Stealth, and Detect hidden.... Get a Bag of Sending(make a couple new chars and use the 10k you get to buy one and keep the charges low if your really new. and go on Atlantic). Learn the FEL champ spawns and be try to always stay hidden. Do this method and simply pick up champ spawn gold left by spawners. 250k a spawn and at 5 spawns you already have your million gold. Using the Enhanced Client is a nice touch as the there is a scavenge feature that you simply lets you hold ctl + shift and all the gold is sucked up.


Make a melee character. Go to fel, kill turkeys. Collect feathers (double resources in fel) and sell to NPC's. Average price per feather is 10gp, making a turkey worth 1,500gp. You can start new and make 100k/hr this way without any help.
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Another good way to start from nothing. Once you have a very small cushion of gold.

1. Farm enough gold to place the cheapest house and place a commission vendor
2. Do trade orders and use public moongates to finish quickly. You can get valuable pink scrolls fairly easily. Some can sell for millions. Nothing to do but run from spot to spot.
3. ????
4. Profit