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GOF 14th anniversary weekend update & CORRECTION


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Guild of Friends would like to celebrate their 14th Anniversary as a guild here on Great Lakes.
When: October 19th to October 21st
Time: Kicks off Friday 8 p.m. CST

When: Friday October 19th 8 p.m. CST /9 p.m. Eastern
What:A House Drop
Where: GOF Valley
There is a link in the banner hub south of Luna and there should be runes dropped prior to the event also.

When: Saturday 11 a.m. CST Noon 12 p.m. EST*
What: Net Toss
Where: New Magincia Docks

When:Saturday 7 p.m. CST 8 p.m. EST
What:"Doom Run"
Meeting: Luna Bank

When: Sunday, Time: 11 a.m. CST Noon EST
What: Bank Trivia
Where: Luna Bank 2nd Floor

When: Sunday evening 7 p.m. CST /8 p.m. *Eastern will be
What: "A Social"
Where: New Haven near the Bank.

This is a great chance to talk to friends, win prizes or gold maybe even earn a death robe!
*These are corrected times
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