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[Carpentry] Giving up on Carpentry BODs


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The rewards are nice enough, I suppose, but the failure rates and sheer quantity of resources is awful. I've had 60,000 regular wooden boards for years without making a dent in the woodpile, but I went through all that and then some in just a couple of weeks. Not to mention the weight of the components means I'm constantly having to balance my backpack - cloth and wood that let's me make only a few complex items without getting overloaded.

I tried a few weeks just to do the easier carpentry bods, but there are just too many armoir combinations and miscellaneous singles that don't match to make the effort worthwhile.

Unless I'm missing something? Fletching so far seems much more worthwhile.


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Nope you are not missing a thing :(. Have a friend collecting them. She said too few large bods, can't bribe them up without then switching wood type(acts likecblacksmith and talioring). Plus she keeps getting alot of the wood armor which takes special resouces. For now she is sticking to tailoring, blacksmith, and cooking.