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(Player Event) Ghost Tour of Abyss


Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
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Date: (Original Date Sept 4th)
New Date: Currently Unknown (something is happening I can't control!)

But I can set a new date or if someone else would like to be the Tour Guide?

Time: TBD

Seems a few have never ventured into the Abyss fully or at all.

I have given runs through before but to a single person alive. :)

A ghost run will let us not stress about the monsters and really see it casually and time for questions and answers too.

Gidge Tip# 4862 ...If you have UO Assist, you can change to a chicken and see things in color as a ghost.

If you have not done the quest or the quiz to get into the Abyss and need it on which ever character you want to go, post here and we can set a date (after the wildfire event) and time for the quiz part to get you in.

Have questions?

There are two parts to the Abyss. Upper and lower.

If you don't have a good map program, it will help you navigate not only the Abyss but other dungeons and areas as well.
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