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[Peacemaking] General questions


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
1. Area Peacemaking
How long the effect duration?
When I used area peace and attacked one mob what will other mobs do? (Will they attack me?)

2. Resilience
This is a song of fortitude interwoven with magical energy. It increases the natural resilience of party members giving them bonuses to regeneration and resistance to detrimental effects. Party Hit Point Regeneration, Stamina Regeneration and Mana Regeneration increase by up to 22 (based on additional bard skills), reduced duration on Curses, Bleed and Mortal Wound. Increased resistance to Poison.
What resistances (and how much) does it give?
Can it give resistances over caps?
How are regeneration bonuses calculated?

3. Perseverance
This is a song of protection interwoven with magical energy. It envelopes party members in protective magical energy. Party Defense Chance increase by up to 30%, damage taken reduced by up to 30%, Casting Focus increased by up to 6%.
How are DCI bonus and damage reduction calculated?
What does "30% DCI" mean? (I have 20% DCi will I get 50% or 26%?)
Can it give DCI over cap?


UO Legend
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Regen Bonuses are Magical in nature so not subject to the equipment Caps. (18 for HPR)
Regen is granted at 2 points per 10 skill points in Peace/Music above 80. And 1 point per 10 points in Disco/Provo above 90.
So thats 4 regen at 90 Music/Peace 16 regen at 120 Music/Peace and 22 Regen at 120 Music/Peace/Disco/Provo
Curse Duration Reduction is 10% per 20 points in Music/Peace Above 80. (So thats 10% at 90/90 and 40% at 120/120)
Curse Duration Reduced by additional 10% per 30 points in Provo and Discordance above 90. ( So thats 60% at 4x120)
Don't remember how poison resistance is calculated, but you should get Level 3 resistance with 2x 120. Level 4 Resistance with 3x120
and Level 5 with 4x 120
This resistance is to Poison (the Debuff) not to poison damage type

Preservance is bonus DCI, Subject to DCI cap.
So if you have 20 DCI from items, and get 30% from a 4x bard running preservance, you have 50 DCI Subject to CAp. So if your DCI cap is 45, then you only have 45 effective DCI.

Damage Reduction is factored AFTER armor and resists are taken into effect.
So if you get hit for 100 in an all 70's suit, so your final damage is 30, Preservance at max (30%) would further reduce that damage by 30% so you'd only take 21 damage.
So armor ignores against you would only hit for about 25.


UO Legend
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Regarding Area Peace.

No set duration. This is basically an Area Calm, pulling every applicable mob out of combat mode. That's all it does, there is no duration so the Mob can re-aggress immediately.
Only the targeted Peacemaking is a duration based calm.