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Gear Questions


Hi All,

I am returning player (Snugglebunny/Snugglebug from Baja & Lake Austin & uoforums). I haven't played in almost 10 years. I was unable to unlock my old accounts, both 10 years old and filled to the brim with a lot of gold wires, horseshoes, whips, Christmas stuff, cakes, bells and valentines. I even found some tranining weapons and about 10 hair restyle deeds. I feel like some things might of disappeared, I can't find some of my sandals or my fountain of life deeds.

I am in the process of cleaning out my banks to make room to transfer a character to Atlantic. My problem is I seem to also have a ton of weapons, jewelry and totems and not sure if any are worth bringing along. Many of the bracelets/rings, may only have one or two skills on them, or several skills that make no sense to be together.

I have a handful of luck items also. When I was playing a trial account I found a few luck items but they weighed 50 stones! Is that the new norm? Should I bring over all my luck stuff ? Do you have a minimum # for skill or luck to make it a keeper? e.g. +10 taming, +10 reg reduction, +70 Luck.

Any advice appreciated and sorry for the rambling, I have been sorting banks for about 8 hours and still don't know what i'm doing :p