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Gareth's First News Reports -- December 25th - January 9th (2008)

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Wiki Moderator
Now remember....back in 2007 I didn't have this wonderful built in web browser spellchecker lol. We all know that I don't know how to spell very well and am still learning at age 26.

I wanted to share my first news reports with all of you because back when I started there were many seasoned and great news reporters. I felt like I was not good enough to do the news (which some still agree to this day that I'm not hehe) but we all start somewhere. My biggest fear was being laughed at, compared to other reporters and made into a joke by the public because I could not spell and the size of my vocabulary was equal to that of a seventh grader....but I faced my fear and went for it! I think I have progressed in my news reports compared to those in 2007 but the point I am trying to make is, don't compare yourself to anyone else or be afraid...just jump in and do it!

Tell the story....even if its in first, second and third person all mixed in together. Tell the story....like a court reporter if that how you like your news....write it like they do on CNN twisting it 1,957 degrees!....was that political? lalala Gotta go! Just write "your" story!!!

Youth Spell Reversing!!

12-25-2007(By: Merik ONN)

Awhile back Mayor Gareth was working with a strong power called the Light. During this he accidently became younger. His body looked like a twenty year olds. Upon his return last night from a trip to Zento the Mayor did not look all that young.

After speaking with several mages in the area they all claimed to feel a strong magical disturbance to the North. It is not known if this is connected to the Mayors spell or not.

After speaking with a healer that paid a visit to the Mayor the news seems to be not what we expected. Yes his age has returned back to what he was but, it is also ageing him more rapidly.

A time table has been setup for his age but that is Classified information from what I am told. From what I could see of the Mayor he is not too bad. Little trouble walking and well his bright magical hair seems a little....not so magical.

We await a release of information from the City Council and Mayors office sometime this week. Below you will find a portrait of the Mayor.


Supreme Chancellor Appointed In PaxOku
12-29-07 (By: Merik ONN)

Mayor Gareth made one of his final public appearances in PaxOku for an undetermined amount of time. Due to the violent unknown powers ravaging his body speeding up the ageing process he has appointed Mula as Supreme Chancellor of PaxOku. This figure will be the public speaker and decision maker of PaxOku city under the direct orders of Mayor Gareth Lightenburg.

Any law making, alliances, district boundaries and other Mayoral powers will be taken from the new Chancellor as if given from our own mayors mouth. The Chancellor may not make decisions on her own without the expressed consent of our Mayor.

We were able to get a few looks at the mayor as he made the announcement with some distance from the crowds. We have asked a few painters to do up what we saw.

Also the new look of Public leadership in PaxOku. Supreme Chancellor Mula.

I must say the biggest thing on most mens mind and mine as well...Is the Amazon Race coming back?

Government public leadership is at an all time record high for females in PaxOku.

Deputy Mayor
Viceroy of Kijustsu Anei
Viceroy of Blue Swans Landing
City Council Chairwoman
Shame Guard Leader
PaxOku Crafters Society


Chancellor Mula begins her first day
12-30-07 (By: Merik ONN)

The newly appointed Supreme Chancellor of PaxOku has taken up residence in PaxOku city inside of the Blue Light Tavern. She has also taken control of the Mayors Office in the PaxOku City Hall.

Mula went on a tour of the city today meeting a few city guards and speaking to Lord Mouse of the PaxOku Honor Guard.

She has been seen inspecting the final touches on the new Honor Guard Tower in the Oku Heights area.

I got to have a sit down with the new Chancellor of PaxOku for only a few moments. We spoke on a few things and I asked her what plans she has instore for PaxOku City.

"Well first I am honord to be able to help Mayor Gareth in his time of need. I have lived on Homare-Jima for my entire life almost. When I first saw an outpost being built here by some Englishmen I was very excited. I poked around the newly built area seeing a lady in a pink dress and an old man in blue and tan clothing. Such clothing I have not seen before. I also saw a man with a feather hat and a great big strong man with a sword inside of a very large white building. I have always wanted to help the people in what is now a city, so I am glade to be apart of it now and help it usher in a new year."

Mula also paid a visit to Blue Swan Landing and the New Honor Guard Tower to see how the final touches on PaxOkus newest areas.

Mula seemed very impressed by the work being done in these two areas. We also hear rumors of peace talks with the Ronins in the Northern Territory may happen sometime this week with Mula leading the peace talks.


Mula Shows Viceroy Neira The Door
1-01-08 (By: Merik ONN)

You heard it correctly. Neira Viceroy of Kijustsu Anei was let go this afternoon. The Mayors office released word a few moments ago.

"Such creatures like Vampyres, Orcs, Drow, Pirates and others have no need for a leadership. To do so would create and unstable element against the Virtues. PaxOku will no longer harbor such vile creatures and this is one of the first steps in making sure these things cannot harm any that walk the path of light."

Look for more changes coming to the Kijustsu Anei area... if it will even be an area in the time to come.


From a Kijustsu Anei Citizens Eyes
1-02-08 (By: Kijustsu Gareth)

I feel obligated to report on situations happening inside of the city. With the ONN disbanded no news seems to be coming from the city of PaxOku on these new events.

Powerful magic was called upon inside of the city limits. What one person saw was a strong and powerful green energy strike the Kijustsu Anei Village area. Now the Well of Souls has been blown wide open again and sensing the balance of the city. No reaction has come from the well that any of us know about. Lady Cat was exposed for a time and started to act as thou she had much work to do then left quickly.

What appeared to be an assasination attempt on Deputy Mayor Sin at the city hall was explained by the city government that High Chancellor Mula was sent to her office to speak with the Deputy. Before the Chancellors arrival an explosion rocked the city hall destroying the third level. It would seem that someone was trying to assasinate the High Chancellor....Cant say that I blame them!!

Viceroy Hester also came under attack at the Blue Swan landing Outpost. She has also become very ill. No leads as to who tried to take down the new viceroy.

A large container was also found at the Museum of Virtues Annex in PaxOku City. City Council Chairwoman Lady Katherine owns the museum and works their often. The box was discoverd by the Honor Guard before Katherine returned home. Explosion potions and posion darts were found inside of the box.

it would seem those of the Anti Virtue and those of Virtue will soon find themselves on the battlefield. I know what side I will be joining.


Demolition Begins In Kijustsu Anei Village
1-02-08 (By: Merik ONN)​

Late last night hundereds of bottles and barrels of Ale, Wine and other liquores were found hidden in Kijustsu Anei Village. Amoung the variouse drinks were also personal possessions reported missing to the city and other cities around the world.

Chancellor Mula released that by dusk the village of Kijustsu Anei will follow all laws of PaxOku city and the Decree of KIJUSTSU ANEI VILLAGE IN PAXOKU will be recinded shortly by Mayor Gareth.

Any creatures found in Kijustsu Anei found breaking such laws will be arrested on site.

Also Mula released a new project within the Kijustsu Anei area approved by Mayor Gareth. The new site for the School Of Virtues will be built across the street from the PaxOku City Hall.

Mula also went on to release that secret groups or council have no reason to be created in the area and plans to limit use of buildings in the Kijustsu Anei Area.

Further more assasination contracts were found in the Tarot Reading building for PaxOku government officials. A few names were leaked out by accident. The names we know of are High Chancellor Mula, Mayor Gareth, Viceroy Lady Hester and Council Chairwoman Lady Katherine. Speculation has already grown that these contracts were written up by Former Viceroy Neira and/or Lady Shaddess.


The Mayors office has not released any public information but, plans to begin interviews with all citizens of the city and visitors.


A Threat to My Safety
1-02-08 (By: lady Hester Terian)

After receiving word of the explosions in PaxOku, and against my better judgement, I went to the city to learn more. I should not have gone with my health such as it is now. I could barely stand and could not begin to use my ethereal unicorn. I learned very little but I would like to thank Mistress Sin for insisting on an escort home.

I was escorted by a wolf and when we came through the moongate, a man ran from Blue Swan Landing and explosions rang in my ears. The wolf did protect me and chased the man away. I went straight upstairs to rest. When my health improves, something shall definitely be done about this! For now though, I must have rest.


Kijustsu Anei Gains More Ground!!
1-03-08 (By: Kijustsu Gareth

It would seem Chancellor Mula is not as bright as some might think. After damage to the city hall she found the contractors that built the city hall. She hired them to repair the building. *Wicked laugh* To bad Mayor Gareth often used Builders from all over the world. Skara, Yew, Britian, Luna and Umbra city. The builders were from Umbra and upon hearing Kijustsu Aneis distress they decided to go a little further then just repairing the building. They changed the entire wall scheme of it. Along with a few necromancer barrier spells keeping Mula and other Virtue government officials out of the City Hall.

The PaxOku city hall is now controlled and within the district lines of Kijustsu Anei Village. Along with where I believe where Viceroy Neira lives is now controlled land of Kijustsu Anei.

A few loose cannons also defaced some of the Museum of Virtue Displays and crushed a few anks within the city. Death to the Virtues!!!

The paladins and other virtue trash should remain outside of PaxOku while we take over.


Call For Protection
1-03-08 (By: High Chancellor Mula)

From what I have seen reported the Mayors office made no war upon the Necro Village of Kijustsu Anei.

-The City Council has not been disband or recreated.

-The district lines have not been changed.

-The Laws of Kijustsu Anei have not been changed.

Those words and phrases have been taken to heart. No changes have been made or officially announced about the Kijustsu Anei area.

Mayor Gareth wishes for the city of PaxOku to be a place where all are welcome. It would seem those that walk the paths of virtue in the city are not welcome anywhere in the city. The Kijustsu Anei area has been given great freedom in PaxOku city and the rest of the areas should be given the same rights. PaxOku was built upon peace yet some of the more radicals in the city do not wish to live in peace with those of virtue.

I call upon all within the statehood and Guardians Gate to help defend the virtues. Not to attack the village or its newly forming council or military but to ensure the safety of all people in the area and protect those who are being harmed.

I have yet to see any death from the Kijustsu Anei Village or any harm done to it. Yet I see the village attacking PaxOku citizens and assassination plots against those in its government following any of the eight virtues. I have also seen defacement upon displays in and around the city. Yet I have seen none happen to the Kijustsu Anei area.

The government of PaxOku asks that all virtue knights and those wishing to protect its people to rally around the PaxOku banner and protect it from such vile creatures trying to take over the city and boot the virtue out.

(High Chancellor Of PaxOku City)


Justice Served
1-03-08 (By: Shady Dealer)

After thinking it over and seeing the Lady sins point of view i thought i would take step back behind the boundaries I stepped. The man you found murdered yesterday was little more then a thief who had indeed stole various things from the city homes over the last few weeks. A petty thief but a thief none the less. The second, well I have no excuse for the second with the exception of watching his eyes go black as he died...

But, I am a business man and I conduct my business in a clean cut under the table fashion until I am prodded to do otherwise. When a voice is not heard then sometimes you have to scream and this was just my way of venting. To show you good people that I am willing to serve a greater good, I present to you this sketch by one of my...lets say company men.

This woman has been stealing from not only me but from various Taverns throughout the realm, no doubt selling these statues on the black market. As you can see in the sketch her greedy hands will never swipe anything of value again. Justice served.

If you are in need of such business, let me know and we can talk money as well as the...uhh job needed done.

Dont worry about payment for removing this thief from our cities, the statues were payment enough.

Good day to you.


PaxOku City Strikes First Blow To Kijustsu Anei
1-05-08 (By: Kijustsu Gareth)

PaxOku City Fired upon Kijustsu Anei at exactly 4:00pm. Striking the refugee building in the village. Many necros, Drow, Vampyres and other have been killed in this unprovoked attack! Massive damage has been done to the building rendering it unsalvageable.

Among the dead.

Lady Turell
Lady Spada
Lord Dwell
Lord Joseph
Lady Jewl
Lord Tiberios


Myself and other retaileated creating a massive explosion spell striking in downtown PaxOku destroying the PaxOku Crafters Society building and the new offices for the government.


We will not lay back and watch our city be blown to pieces and taken over! WAR! WAR! WAR!

Death to all those who protect and support the Virtues, High Chancellor Mula and Mayor Gareth! They shall be dragged out in the middle of the City and stoned to DEATH!


Government Changes
1-6-08 (By: High Chancellor Mula)

Due to recent events the PaxOku the City Council has been suspended. It is unknown which side council members support and mayor Gareth does not find it wise that the council make any decisions within the city.

Further more Deputy Mayor Sindalish has been let go as the Deputy Mayor of PaxOku City. Mayor Gareth finds her as a traitor to the city and should be arrested and held for charges of High treason against PaxOku City.

For those that dont know the severity of High Treason here it is.

(the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance.)

City Council Chairwoman Lady Katherine will assume the responsiblity of Deputy Mayor in PaxOku city.

The RBG Death Knights will assume all command of PaxOku city and Kijustsu Anei Village defenses and protection until this threat can be eliminated.


Rebuilding in PaxOku Already?​
1-07-08 (By: Lady Hester Tarian)​

As I went through the city of PaxOku, noticed that some rebuilding has seemed to have been going on overnight. Who could have done so and how in such short a time with little to no lighting, but that of the moon, is surprising of itself.

I went first to the City Municipal building for some legal texts. The texts were not there it seems to have a new foundation.

As I explored further, I saw trees seem to have sprung up next to the Well of Souls. The Well itself was emitting a mist of green around the area. No workers were seen, nor Mula, nor sadly Gareth. Could something from the well be aiding these trees to grow ? Could drow elven have come to aid in this rebuilding? I have to wonder.

Reports from friends then came to me that the mist was stronger in the evening and throughout the night. While I was not around to witness, I am certain of the accuracy of these reports. My sources have never disappointed me before. The Well of Souls was always thought to be something of a destructive entity. However, something from the well I suspect may be helping to heal the damage caused and actually be constructive. What could it be?


Stranger in the streets
1-7-08 (By: Lady Cat)

Last night while walking down Monks Crossing towards the Mayor's office, a stranger approached me asking the where abouts of Mistress Sindalish. I told the stranger the last I had heard Mistress Sin might be found in Kijustsu Village. The stranger said it was urgent he found Mistress Sin. I told the stranger I'd be happy to show him where Kijustsu village is located.
As we proceeded down Monk's crossing past the Blue Light Tavern. I noticed several elderly men dressed in yellow robes, they appeared to be talking amongst themselves, but strangely I couldn't hear a word. I offered a greeting but they offered none in return. They seemed to be deeply preoccupied and seemed a bit confused. I thought it a bit odd, but the stranger and I continued towards Kijustsu district.
We reached the edge of the Kijustsu district near the music shop, the stranger said he wished to stop momentarily. He headed into Ado's music shop. I followed a distance behind pretending not to listen as I browsed Ado's shelves of beautiful musical instruments. Unfortunately, I was too far away to hear any conversation. I assume the stranger was probably asking Ado about the whereabouts of Mistress Sin also. Ado closed his shop and offered to assist us in our search for Mistress Sindalish.
Reaching Kijustsu District, I was surprised by the amount of damage to the various buildings. A cemetary had also been constructed and heavy fortifications had been built on Neira's land. As we approached closer to the cemetary I could see the building behind the cemetary had been blown nearly in half and a gaping whole in the cemetary could be seen. Thats when I heard the horrific howling and saw the bubbling blackness pouring forth from the ground. One look and I knew the Well of Souls had been breached again. I was apprehensive to get closer to the well. The stranger and Ado also looked concerned.
We proceeded to where Ado thought we might find Mistress Sin. As we approached we could see a gaping hole in the side of the building. I wondered to myself if the destroyed building and Well of Souls were somehow connected. Suddenly from the dark woods Mistress Sindalish approached on mount. She greeted us. Mistress Sindalish said she had to be careful since Chancellor Mula had ordered her arrest as a traitor! I could hardly believe my ears! Mistress Sindalish had been appointed Deputy Mayor by Gareth himself. Mistress Sin was always a close friend of Gareth. How could this be? What was happening inside PaxOku's government? The stranger quickly approached Mistress Sindalish, I saw them speaking but my attention was lost on thoughts about the Well of Souls. I saw Mistress Sindalish hand the stranger a very large pouch that looked to contain gold pieces. The stranger then handed Mistress Sindalish some sort of documents. Mistress Sindalish looked thru the documents and seemed concerned with what she read. I expressed my concern about the Well of Souls and that I should perhaps seek Neira to help investigate. Mistress Sindalish agreed. I bid the others farewell and headed quickly back down Monk's Crossing towards my mage tower. Something seems very wrong in PaxOku.


1-09-08 (By: High Chancellor Mula)

I now own the land deeds left to me by Mayor Gareth as he undergoes treatment at one of the virtue shrines.

I plan to rebuild upon the land where Kijustsu Anei Stands. The land deeds given to me are as follows.

The Blue Light Tavern
(To be demolished)

The Virtue Light Tavern will be re-built in its place.

The Graveyard

(To be demolished and graves moved to Vesper.)

The New Virtue Library will be built in its place.

The land below the Graveyard

(To be demolished)

The new Virtue School built. No documents have been produced by Kijustsu Anei Gareth.

The Old City Hall

(To Be demolished)

Virtue Honor Guard Tower will be built.

The Honor Guard Tower

(To be Demolished)

My own private mansion

The OkuC Building

(To be Demolished)

Transferred to Okimoto for a new fortress.

The RLT Tournament Hall

(To be Demolished)

Transfer to Okimoto to build a Dojo.

All documents are legal and signed by Mayor Gareth. Should anyone wish to see these documents. I plan carry out my orders as Supreme Chancellor in PaxOku city. Okimoto has signed a new peace treaty with the city along with the transfer of the two land areas within Kijustsu Anei and PaxOku City.


axOku City/Kijustsu Anei News