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Gamebreakertv: League of Legends Championship Series Drama - OMGLoL Ep9


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Big news on the LoL tournaments and some drama with it. Looks like e-sports os getting huge now days.


League of Legends Championship Series Drama - OMGLoL Ep9

Written by: QuintLyn Bowers (@QuintLyn) | February 13, 2013 4:46 pm

This week on OMGLOL we talk a bit about the League of Legends Championship Series, ESL prize money and losing League Points upon victory bug.

A new partnership has spawned between ESL and Riot for the European branch of the League of Legends Championship Series. Players and League fans have some concerns about the partnership based upon the handling of payouts for previous tournaments.
According to some, previous winners are still owed money going as far back as a year ago. Some people even see parallels to the recent issues with own3d and they wonder if Riot will be on the ball when it comes to distributing the winnings for this year’s League of Legends Championship Series.
EU stream Issues

While the League of Legends Championship Series has kicked off in both North America and Europe, EU viewers are experiencing issues with the stream quality. Complaints have been made about issues with sound sync and lag. There were also issues with coordinating sound such as end game music and people also expressed complaints about camera control in some of the games.
Overall, the impression was that the North American streams seemed to have more “professional” attention while the European streams felt more community based.
The new system for ranked play causes confusion.

The introduction of the new League of Legends system for ranked play has caused some confusion among players. Many are left wondering what exactly counts as a good score and others are confused about win/loss ratios.
LoLKing did their best to get a new scoring system posted to help players understand. As it turns out, a player’s score does not directly reflect their ELO. It should also be noted that there have been visual bugs for some summoners that makes it appear as they are losing LP for winning.
All this and GBL feedback…

If you missed last week’s episode of OMGLoL – The League of Legends drama show, be sure to check it out here.

And, be sure to tune in regularly for a ton of League of Legends Championship Series news from Troy Blackburn, with his Wednesday and Friday LCS updates.