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Fury of the Umbra

  • Thread starter Ado the Theif
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Ado the Theif

They stand around a circle carved into the dirt in front of the iron bandit inn with runes of all sorts around it in the dark, cold night. The perfect night for such an occasion it seems. Ado looks over to Takara "Y' sure y' know what th' hell yer doin'? How th' hell yer know this's gon' work. Fer all y' know yer gon' mess th' whole thing up and bring somethin' worse". Takara sighs "This is already pretty bad... Anything worse would probably be a plus.". Ado shakes his head and eyes the large hunks of blackrock surrounding the circle and sighs lightly "We're probably gonna die too... and hell. Yer doin this shi' outside've m' tavern too... Yanno. If y' mess this up fer m' takara... S'gonna be th' end've yeh. I swear.". Takara smirks "You always say that, boss...". Ado looks annoyed "Jus' do th' g'damn ritual arready... Im tired've waitin' fer yeh, wench...". Takara nods and pulls out a scroll and starts reading what sounds to be Latin. After a few moments of reading takara carves a few new runes into the ground and cuts her hand, letting her blood flow into writing carved into the earth. After a moment she stands and gazes at the circle and raises her voice to say "Jericho the jackal, I summon you forth to the village of Kijustsu Anei!". Within seconds a huge gust of wind swoops in, knocking them both off of their feet. Before Ado hits the ground he's caught by the front of his shirt by a figure which towers over him, in all black, and glowing red eyes. In a dark, raspy voice the creature speaks "I am Jericho the Jackal... You... Your going to swear you're soul to me that you will find my true body..."... "T-Takara. I... I didn't know this'd work!"... Jericho pulls Ado closer to his eyes as he shouts "QUIET FOOL!..." A scroll appears in the demon's hands. "You'll sign this now. You're soul will be mine forever and you'll also find my body...". Takara shuffles through her spell book hurriedly and as he stops talking she casts a lightning bolt next to the demon and steps back hoping it a good distraction. Jericho drops Ado who books it into the darkness as quickly as he can. Jericho looks to Takara. "It seems he's fled. You'll do instead.". Ado stops after getting into the forest and looks at his shaking hands. "g'damn... I.. I didn't think th' damn thing'd actually work..." Ado thinks for a few moments and stops shaking and smirks slowly "...Its power... If she doesnt die over there... I want to be the one controlling that... thing."... Ado pulls his hood on and hurries off into the night.​