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Full bard template advice.


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I'm tired of using hybrid templates for everything so i'm thinking about going 4x120 bard. I read here that it has improved a lot in the years i have been away from UO, thank to the masteries.

I'm thinking in something like Musicianship, Provocation, Discordance, Peacemaking, Magery & Meditation. All 120.

If i'm correct, you can use the discordance masteries to do direct damage. Is it's damage it enough? Could I solo mobs that are alone? (Navrey for example)

What about gear? Should I get equipment like if it were a caster? Can i sacrifice a little resistances to add luck? Actually i make my own gear, using barbed leather made equipment and imbuing it with cheap intensities. So far it worked.



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i run that template, but i use either use EVs or Vollums to do most of my damage.
the disco masteries do good damage, but they are very mana intensive.

it was posted by the god of devs (Logrus) that you can chain the disco mastery and its less mana and hits harder then chaining flamestrikes.

Your 4x 120 Bard, Despair puts out as almost as much damage as a mage casting flame strike vs MoBs, and does it faster and cheaper mana wise. Adding tribulation into the mix still gives a cheaper mana cost than flame strike, and does boosts the damage by 50%. (If you add a slayer instrument into the mix the Trib Damage boost is 75%)
that is from Logrus.