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From the Herald: NewTest Center - Arena Test

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NewTest Center - Arena Test
Kai Schober13 Oct 2011 11:08:17 EST
There’s a new Test Center in town: TC Arena Test. This is a special rule set shard for testing a new Arena Combat system. Here are the basics:

This is a temporary test shard, but it does not have the usual Test Center features. You receive no extra equipment and cannot set your skills and attributes.
If you wish to participate in the arena fights, we recommend you copy a character from a live shard to TC Arena Test. Make sure to bring some extra gold and supplies. Instructions for how to copy a character can be found here.
The map is limited to a block of four arenas surrounded by the void. No other part of the game map even exists on this shard. So, make sure to load your character up with all unusual supplies you will need before copying that character to TC Arena Test.
We provide a basic set of merchants, including a banker and stablemaster. All amenities are found at the north edge of the map.
That area also contains a set of crafting add-ons and an Arcane Circle.
Also, the northern section of the map is an insta-log region – listen for the background music changes.
Faction artifacts may be brought along and used. The Factions system is disabled here, but Faction items can be used without restriction or limit.
The map is Trammel ruleset. Fighting is allowed through the Arena Matches.
You may create guilds for sparring, but we request that you keep guild fighting away from the arenas and the northern section of the map.
If you copy a murderer to TC Arena Test, all murder counts will be wiped from the copied character.
In front of each Arena is a bright red Arena Stone. Double-click this stone to access the Arena Matches and Leaderboards.

To start a match, click the button labeled “Host a duel”. On the next screen, set the rules:

You may choose to restrict mounts, pets, summons, and/or ranged weapons.
If the match is Ranked, then the outcome will change stats and leaderboard standings for all participants.
If you set the room to Public, then others may join your match by clicking “Join a duel” from the main menu. Otherwise, you must use “Invite a duelist” to add more players until your match is full.
“Survival” matches are free-for-all. When you set up a “Team” match then the match owner may assign players to either team.
When ready, click “Start the duel”. If the arena is empty, your match will start within a few seconds. Otherwise, your group will be placed in a queue to be run later.
If you are unable to complete the setup of your match, use “Cancel the duel” to clear the match and return to the main menu.

When an arena match starts, the participants have a short time to enter the red moongate that takes you into the arena. Players will have their movement restricted within the area until the match starts. Gladiators who die in an arena match will be transported outside of the arena and resurrected immediately. Once you die in a match, you cannot re-enter that match!
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