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Friday CMA Auction at 9pm CST--LIST INSIDE


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
We will be having an auction Friday, list to come sometime tonight. If you have items to submit, please see myself or Dreadnot ASAP to submit so we can have a more comprehensive list.

Thanks and see you Friday!


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Blood wood spirit totem--NR
Undead Slayer Bladed Staff and arcachnid slayer viking sword--NR
10 level 5 maps--NR
Cursed Dragon Slaye--NR
Book of Truth--NR
Aquarium items set--NR
rubble wall--NR
Cocoa butter--30k
Soulstone Fragment Token--150k
The Dragon Slayer--150k
Decorative Green Full soulstone--100k
Holy Knight's Breastplate--250k
1k each of necro regs--20k
Royal Leggings fo Ember--200k
6 commodity Deeds of various woods and amounts--NR
Cursed HOM--1m
Ethy Beetle Statue--2m
Morning Glories Rubble--2m
Violet Purple Died Scrapper's with words of amrageddeon engraved on it--750k
Rubble Wall Scone--4m
Cursed Hunter's headdress--1m
Mace and Shield Reading Glasses--5m
Old Juniper Style Potted Plant--500k
Rum Red Brazier--200k
Grey morning Glories--2m
120 anatomy scroll--1m
Elder Gazer Statuette--500k
10 seaserpent scales that have no scale count (old school)--NR
5k boards--NR
Old school Bow of Earth Shatter--NR
120 Wrestling--3m
Jaana's staff--50k
Pre-Aos Cloak with 20 spell reflect charges--10k
1 white 7 black plants--NR
Treatise on Alchemy Talisman--1m
Old school double blessed blue sandles---200k
bag of 59 maps, varying level--NR
4 locked paragon chests--NR
Orange Melisande hair dye--500k
Sugar and Vanilla--50k
100% Poison Axe--10k
Pads of the Cu Sidhe--25k
Ash Runic Saw--50k
Dragon's End--NR
Andros' Gratitude (blessed quest hammer)--25k
8 ML minor artifacts--NR
verite ringmail sleeves, 13 RPD 62 resists total--NR
67 resist verite ring leggings with mana regen 2--25k
100% Poison damage spear--NR
63 resist mana regen 2 verite ringmail sleeves--NR
63 resist stam incr 8 agapite ringmail gloves--NR
Demon Bone Arms--50k
Cursed HOM--1m
Barbed leather leggings, 15 RPD, 17 LRC, 64 total resists--NR
barbed leather sleeves 10 RPD 67 total resists--NR
Cursed Dryad Bow--50k
Cursed Bone crusher--NR
Barbed Gorget mana regen 2, 75 total resists--NR

Cursed Hunter's Headdress--1m