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Free sharing for EVE Online Guide: How to Mine in Low S.S.



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A newbie would pass the chance to get to more valuable ores in the low security areas, at least until he has a better ship and PvP equipment to face the ever raging pirates without being podded too often.

But the advanced miners, with better ships and skills to boast, don't usually die wondering. If there is profit to be had, it's very likely that they'll go for it. However, even for daredevils, advanced mining in low security areas is a sport that requires much planning and guts.

The Regions-To Risk or Not to Risk

As a rule, the low security areas have more valuable ores than higher security levels. The 0.0 rating is actually anything from 0.0 to ? 1.0, but to keep the ores hidden the information is never displayed to give any hints.

Low security area stations usually pay higher for your ore than high security areas. But there are risks attached to this profit making scheme. Firstly you'll be in an area where there won't be any patrol guards to watch your back while you do the digging. So there will be all the more risk of being 'podded' while you are at work!

Secondly, though the ores will be more valuable and the prices will be high, but guys running the security in the region will have to be paid their share as well. So the hidden costs have to be kept in mind when you decide make big ISKs.

Solo Mining

Solo mining is basically doing all your work by yourself. Though you get all the profits form your job but consequently you mine less ores and there is no one around to help you out in trouble.

Having said that, if planned well, the solo mining can be just as profitable if you set your bookmarks well and warp in and out of the mining zone without letting any pirates keep track of your activities.

The basic thing a solo miner should remember is never to draw attention. It's a sure way to attract trouble. If there are pirate ships around get out of the area before they get close, the scanner can be slow to show the pirate ship so give yourself a margin of at least 30 km to make a safe escape.
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