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Atlantic Frank Campbell AKA the original Goodman of the Atlantic Died Aug 30, 2005



Hey all, I'm a total noob, but I'd just like to express my condolences. I can see by all of the heartfelt responses that this was a good man who was loved by many. I wish I was able to meet him.


thank you all for the time to post or comment in memory of my father, sadly i dont think i iwill be able to make it tonight,
i have to finishing moving our belongings to my new place by tonight........sadly i have not yet had the internet connected at my new place. so im sorta sittin in the dark ages meanwhile....i hope many people show up, my father truely truely loved the game, and adored all his friends....because a friend is a friend no matter how you meet them.
god bless and thank you,
curtis (son of goodman)


I can't honeslty say that I never knew Lord Goodman, because every time I recalled to Goodman Rune Library and opened up my selection of rune books to choose my destination, I feel that I had met him. He was, is and always will be in Goodman Rune Library as he always has been. We all took a part of him with us with each and every visit, only those that had the honor to speak with him in game and to know him in rl are really the ones blessed. My heart felt sympathy goes to his rl family and to the extended family - Ultima Online friends.
Thank you Lord Goodman


While Goodman's wasn't the first libary I had used, as I had someone help me figure out runebooks and such on day 1, I eventually found the library anyways, and the improvement upon the one I was using was amazing. I just couldn't believe someone went out and about and took on such a tremendous task as to mark the most needed, and sometimes dangerous spots in UO. The Rune Library definitely made Atlantic unique, in the fact that it was probably the first shard to have easy access to anywhere in the game from one person's house. That having been said, hearing this news after speaking with him several times is absolutely devastating. He was perhaps the most noble and good-willed person to ever come across this game, and never let greed get in the way of that good will. As many others already have stated, he will be missed by all, and my condolensces to the family of Mr. Campbell, whom had the oppurtunity to live with such a great man.



Grand Inquisitor
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Bless you Curtis. We are all very sorry for your loss. You will be pleased to know that the turnout for your fathers in-game memorial service was quite well attended and went off with very little problem. There is another thread on this forum that I posted some screenshots of the service in. It was a great testament I think, and goes to show how well loved and respected Goodman was...

Lady Kero

For those who couldnt make it tonight...

I have a few more but im too lazy to resize them all [img]http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/shared/images/graemlins/tongue.gif


I and my wife miss Goodman. I still don't know if words can describe how I and everyone felt about him and what he's done for all of us. I remember meeting him in felucca before trammel. The day before trammel was to be opened I went to him and asked him if he needed any help. He told me that he needed the treasure map spots marked. He gave me access to a secure and runebooks and runes and handed me a boat. During the time of marking those near 200 runes I often wanted to give up but I kept pushing. I wanted to give something back to Goodman for everything that he did for us on Atlantic as a community. He helped me on Dagger Island (the one next to buc's den) as silver serpents spawned there along with a ton of other nasties. I must have died 20 times marking those locations. He felt so bad and that just renewed my spirit. He had a way with people, you couldn't help but be motivated and inspired in his presence. Of course I lucked out in the whole t-map marking adventure, Ocolo was now Haven so those spots didn't exist (at the time) and oh I marked 3 runes at each t-map location. That made 3 copies of the t-maps. When it was all over he handed me one of the copies that I made and some other rune book copies.... that is how my own library began. Here is the eulogy that I read at the memorial. I posted it in the memorial thread as well....
I don't know if anyone could write a tribute to Lord Goodman that would truly do his life justice. We may not know it but his life touched all of us. Every rune library had to change and had to expand the day he began his own. He marked more runes to more places than anyone and made them available to all of us. All libraries will forever be compared to Lord Goodman’s.

His son was there when he made his first character in UO. Because of that act on that day many characters most necessary rune was to Lord Goodman’s library. His treasure map system (1-201) is the most widely used system on Atlantic and his map finder can be found in many forms on various websites.

On the first days of any land expansion when everyone else was out adventuring, Lord Goodman could be found marking runes to every corner of the new lands, no matter how remote they may have been.

He left us on the day that another new expansion happened, Moundain’s Legacy. He marked a lot of the locations previous to the release. There were some locations that only opened up after the release and we’ll never know which ones he planned to mark. He never got to log into UO that day as he never woke up that morning. He had also planned to do a shard transfer with a library of runebooks to the Origin shard when UO allowed following the release of Moundain’s Legacy.

teyduoncaar probably said it best in the memorial post in the atlantic forum on stratics, “Wherever he may be up in the heavens I know Lord Goodman is up there with his runebooks and runes marking all those breath taking sites for us to see”

Maybe that’s why he was taken from us, God simply needed him more. He lives on in all of us. You can see his fingerprints on every rune library you visit. The lives that he’s touched will forever be affected and his library will continue to thrive and grow in his spirit. He planned for this day, his accounts were trusted and his wishes were known.

Even if you didn’t want him to, Lord Goodman loved you, he loved all of us. Like many of us he has cashed out of UO from time to time, and he had a reason for venture capital of a non-profit charity company. He never fully left the game he loved, and when he was financially able he bought the rune library or the runes back. A lot of us have stories of adventuring with Lord Goodman and most of those stories involve marking runes. Other’s simply tell of his generosity when they were in a time of need.

I like many wish I could have met Lord Goodman in real life. His real life saw him run companies in his early years. Later in life he started his non-profit company. In the last few years he decided to get a degree in nursing so that he could further help others. He will be missed and his time with us will be cherished. There’s no other way to put it, Frank in our hearts and in our minds you will forever be a Good Man.

Frank you will always be in our hearts and your spirit will live on in all of us.

Sunny aka Richtor/Balrog


I remember when I first heard the name Goodman. I was a UO Stratics reporter for Atlantic at the time and I saw his e-mail anouncing his library was opening. I think, though its been a long time and my memory might be faulty, I might even have been the one who made the news post about it. The reason his mail stuck out to me at the time was because back in the day, I used to spend a lot of time in Magincia and always loved that great location where he built he made his original library.

I don't think I met him in the game more than once, but he was a very kind man when I did.

His name is one of those names that will always be associated with Atlantic and he will be missed.

Lord Xar

it's a hard thing to loose a parant, I lost my mother in july this year and it takes a long time to get back in control of things after someone you care about is suddenly gone like that, My condolances to you


I have been on UO since 99. I left for alittle bit anf just came back. I have fond memorys of Goodmans, It was a cornerstone of the shard.

To some it may only seem like pixils and bits. But it was much more then that, its something that leaves a legacy that goes beyond the virtual world.


I can't remember a time that I didn't know about Goodmans rune library and vendors. I used to frequent his place. God bless...

Lord Boru

oh my God!!!

Umm.. Ill edit more later. I logged in on a whim, have not been on stratics in a month or more.. I have no words right now.. only confusion...

Please icq me if there is another memorial, or a sit in to demand.. yes DEMAND a memorial marker be placed in Magencia, Fel at the least. I will pay the fee and start my account for this, He meant that much to me and to UO..

I have to go.. im a bit freeked out..



Well my friend, I hardly know what to say. I am deeply saddened to hear of your passing. It doesn't seem possible that you are gone. I keep expecting to see your name light up on icq or to bump into you in Luna. I've recalled around to the many runes I have with your name on it but I can't seem to find you.

I don't walk the roads of Sosaria often anymore. My existence here is only to visit good friends like you. I wondered if there would be a place to pay our respects to you and here I have found it.

I've spent the last few days remembering...

I remember the first Treasure map contest you held. How excited we were to enter. How everyone donated completed maps to help you complete the entire map collection. I remember how your treasure map system revolutionized treasure hunting to make it a more fun experience for everyone.

I remember the countless days you stood in the library greeting people, directing them to runes. I remember the many new people, the many unfortunate adventurers you were kind to, providing whatever you could spare, when they happened upon the library. I will always remember that literally hundreds of players perhaps found the first act of kindness they received in this world will have been from you.

I remember your support through many trials and many rewarding experiences. And the guilds we were in together, a more kind, loyal & honest friend you could not find. Building new libraries with you and helping you with whatever we could as you always did for us.

I remember getting to know you outside this world and going through what life handed out to both of us. You will be greatly missed my friend, more than you would have ever expected. I will remember your wisdom and strength, how you never lost patience or optimism. Your generosity, kindness and commitment to the community of Atlantic never wavered.

Perhaps I can do one last thing for you. I humbly ask those of you that knew him and those of you that didn't to "Play It Forward" as it were and either donate to a cause or be kind to a stranger in Frank's name. I think that would please him very much.

My dearest friend, I share my memories of you now and mourn the passing of a good and courageous man and wish with all my heart that you can see how much you are loved.

To Curtis & Family, my deepest sympathy...

Your father's life and friendship was a thing of immeasurable value in both worlds.

GM of Order of The Silver Dragons (OSD)
GM of the Society of Atlantia (SOA)
Queen of Dalriada (TK)
Council of Avalon (OA)

For those of you who have not seen or those who wish to remember.
Goodman's Rune Library

Cyrus of Sosaria


Recently i did a little elfing for the extra mana to help my brother with a particularly difficult fight...afterwards, i went on the elf to human quest, and came to the point where i had to kill Ice Fiends...
Since i've pretty much never been in Ice since i started playing(started with t2a), i didn't even know where to start, and went in blind running...
After a few humilating deaths, and a very patient tamer/mage helping me out, he suggested i tried Goodman's library when i mentioned what i was dying over.

Sure enough, i found a rune to the safe spot for the Ice Fiend chamber and finished the quest in no time thanks to Goodman's Rune Library...
I'm truly sorry i never knew the man during my time in UO, he was truly a visionary, and his legacy is still touching us, and hopefully will so long as UO survives.
One simple rune from his library changed a frustratingly difficult and seemingly impossible quest into a completed one.

I hope someone carries the torch. Though he cannot be replaced, and no one can truly know "well, he would have marked this rune here", or "this spot would've been interesting to him, it deserves a rune"...at the very least, as new expansions and new content demand, keeping the library current would go a long way towards honoring him and keeping his dream alive.

Fair travels, good soul. May virtue watch over you, where ever you now wander.


thanks for posting this, i have been away for quite sometime, 2 years or so. it is awful to lose such a great person, although i never had the chance to make good friends with him, i did meet him. I went to goodman's runelibrary when i was just a newbie over 5 years ago. I remember he was kind enough to make me a runebook with several mining spots, and he gave me some recall scrolls to get there. I still have this runebook on my crafter till this day, who thanks to that runebook, gmed 7 skills before i quit UO. To his family, my heart goes out for your loss.

- Luigi

Barnabas M'Roque

Ouch, my heart just hurt. I never checked these fourms, but if the date is correct, then he died on my 16th Birthday.

He gave me a Finnagin's set for Christmas, too.

What a nice man. Will be remembered.

Ultima Weapon

I only met Goodman once, I had been going all over Atlantic frantically searching for a ball of pet summoning. I went to his library looking for a good vendor rune, and no sooner do I recall in but there he is. I asked him if he knew where I could buy one cheaply, and without hesitation, he popped one in the trade window. It may have been a simple thing, but that one event is the most memorable thing that has ever happened to me. I will never forget Lord Goodman. The game of Ultima Online, and most assuredly the entire world is lessned by his absence, and even where he is now is made that much better that he is there.