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Founders Referral



Hey everyone,

I am looking for a Founder's Referral so that I can install the complete edition of LOTRO and have the special pricing as an option. It really would help me a lot.

email: [email protected]

Thanks in advance.


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Check your Private Messages.

Keep in mind, a Founder's Referral is for NEW accounts only. If you want to have the Founder's Referral pricing rate, you'll need to create an account with the Referral Code then use your purchased box set code to Upgrade the account. It won't accept a Founder's Referral as an Upgrade code.


I am a long-time gamer and an avid roleplayer. I have wanted to play this game for a long time, and finally my circumstances allow me the free time to devote to it.

I definitely will subscribe. If anyone could spare a Founder’s Referral or Buddy Key I would be so grateful. I’m in the US. My email address is ...

Thank you.


I'm going to bump this thread for my own sake. I have been holding out on my subscribing for a few days in order to get a possible founder's referral. I have played the recent trial and if i remember correctly I played the last trial(about 6-8 months ago I think). The game is great. It is in my opinion the most polished mmorpg on the market today.

Anyway, If your on the Landroval server maybe I will see you around :).

Update: No need to send me one anymore as someone already has. He has my thanks!