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EM Event Formosa Holiday Special (Maze and Puzzle)

EM Takako

UO Event Moderator
UO Event Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Greeting Everyone,

It the time of the season where we share joy and laught. Formosa EM welcome you to this year Xmas Event !!!

Building up from last year Maze and Puzzle Event,

A better improve Maze and Puzzle with added Level and Room !!!

A Game of fun that you will enjoy !!!

Do you have what it take to slove it and maybe even take a video with time.

Challange yourself to clear the maze in less then a 30min?

Formosa Holiday Event Await you !!!!!!!

For more information please check Formosa EM website !!

See you there !!!

EM Takako


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
You are now my favorite EM Takako,
Formosa's toy box event this year was the best. Thank you for your help, with the healing I was able
to get a toy for each of my three accounts. You also encouraged me to play and explore a part
of the game I had not done yet. In fact this is what we all pay to play the game. When I saw you
also on Arirang helping to fix the toy box there I know you really care about the players of this game.
Keep up the excellent work.
Like a said before you are not a meanie,, maybe a little evil, but I hear Messana likes that in her EMs.

Best regards,