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EM Event Formosa EM Four Year Anniversary Event

EM Takako

UO Event Moderator
UO Event Moderator
Stratics Veteran
Greeting Everyone,


In a few day time which is on the sunday, I will celebration four year of doing event with everyone who will be coming. :) Below are the detail :

Location : Britain EM Hall (There will be moongate open to the location at luna bank)
Date : 12th July 2015 Sunday
Time : 8.30pm Taiwan GMT+8/ 21:30 Japan&Korean/ 8.30am EST/ 1.30pm CET
Estimated duration of the event: 4 to 5 hour
Player who attending the event are advised to read the event story below to get more detail of the story for that day as the event will be attended by a mix language of people.

English Version
The story begins with a young boy sharing an adventure he witness. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…. In the land of Sosaria where many brave warrior, super hero and god live. There was a untold side story that many has forgotten. Mondainthe wizard on a sunny Sunday morning, watching a blacked robe wizard performing his trade of art to entertain adventurers. He find it not as entertaining as it look. Seating right beside Mondain was a weird looking human who was enjoying what he see. Mondain speak up and say, you like this ? The weird looking human who dress up in golden robe with a look like he came from a well off family reply. Yes, I enjoy it very much and this is not as easy as you think it is. It take a lot of hardwork, dedication and passion to perform for a big crowd. Mondain was not amuse by what the guy say and wanted to say he can perform all kind of magic trick with a pinch of salt. The weird guy then started to introduce himself in a friendly manner. Hi, I am Daikokuten (god ofwealth) and you can call me lucky guy. Mondain in his amuse and not happy moods reply. How lucky can you be ? Daikokuten reply that he always bring good luck to his friend or people he meet. Well Mondain Challenge him by saying would you like to have a game of dice with me?? If you can beat me then I would admit that you are indeed the lucky boy. Daikokuten was reluctant to accept. But Mondain mention that unless he is telling lie , he should accept this friendly game of dice. Daikokuten agree and before they agree on what to dice. Mondain offer daikokuten a drink to calm his nerve and a friendly gesture. Daikokuten not knowing Mondain was an evil wizard and also a master of alchemy, took the drinks. They have their game of big and small dice. Daikokuten roll the dice and it came out 12 which was the highest !!! Mondain say if I can roll 12 would you consider me the winner? Daikokuten agree as he feel it would need even better luck to roll the same again. To Daikokuten surpise Mondain rolled 12 and laught. Daikokuten feeling stunned and unbelieve in what has just happen. Just as Daikokuten decided to leave the table. Mondain laught again by saying leaving so fast ???

Daikokuten reply with the saying yeah what do you want more? Mondian laught again and smile. I cannot believe my luck that I have stuck big !!! Daikokuten not knowing what mondain was saying looking lost. Mondain explain that drink he offer has spell and posion on it. Every week he is require to collect antidote to cure it. If he does not it will have a huge headache and slowly been control by Mondain.Mondain then explain that to get the antidote every week he must perform a number of bad deeds in order to trade for the antidote.

Daikokuten was angry and piss off by it. Mondain reply blame it on the black robed guy that was performing and continues laughing. As the matter of facts mondain decided to get Daikokuten to capture all those that is performing this trade of art.

For other language please visit Formosa EM Website http://formosa.uoem.net/ or Facebook at formosa.uoem.net

Do show your support by dressing up in Yellow hat, yellow sash and a lantern for the party :lick:

See you on this Sunday and prepare for a night of celebration !:thumbsup: