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forgot the stats


Ok so this sampire thing doesn't seem to work for me. so i decided for my melee to go with chiv mace heal anatomy tactics parry m.resist. most i see say go samp but i really don't want to lose heal. yes there are leech weapons out there but please keep in mind (and there are some like me) that i had to start over seeing how i don't have any of the info from my account i played on 10+ yrs ago. so i have my main chars set for my melee archer mage and bard but im trying to figure out the stats for each one with limited access to armor oh and ive been back for about 3 weeks so i think ive done well for 3 weeks and 6 chars plus house.

chiv archery tactics anatomy healing music discord

chive mace tactics anatomy healing m.resist parry

magery med eval int. scribe m.resist focus parry

music peace provoke mage eval int med m.resist

what should the base stats be? i cant seem to balance it.
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Grace of Minoc

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For my archer and non samp melee chars I use 10 int, 125 str, 125 dex base(assuming you have the 260 max stats
by eating a 25 stat scroll and the 5 stat scroll from exodus.

I rely on mana increase on items to get a decent mana pool to do specials. I think I have 50 mana.

Also I try to overcap dex a bit over the 150 cap as even at 120 magic resist you can go under 140 dex (what you want
for max bandage speed) from high eval monsters. Then depending on what weapon you are using you may need to
get more stamina and/or swing speed on your suit for max swing speed.

Try to get str to the 150 cap or more also if you can. I have not been able to myself.

Then again, I don't use str and agility potions.


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Depends on your cap, suit and template but...

-Anyone not needing Dex or Stamina set Dex to 10, then put everything in Strength (because it affects your HP) providing that in your suit it is on an even number. So if you have no Strength Increase on items you want 124 Strength. The rest goes in Intelligence. (If you had 3 Strength Increase you could go 125 base/naked Strength because you would have an even number - 128 - in suit) you don't gain any HP for odd numbers.

Strength Increase from items is capped at 150. You can only go higher with Forms and Bard abilities. 150 Strength equates to 125 HP. HP Increase from items is capped at 25 meaning the most you can have is 150 HP (again, aside from Forms/Bard abilities).

-On anyone swinging a weapon as their primary offense it is based on Stamina, in multiples of 30. As you are bandage healing also you need Dexterity, Dexterity affects bandage speed in multiples of 20. Meaning 120 is the fastest you can do without items (base stats cap at 125) with items 140 (as Dexterity like Strength caps at 150 from items). Stamina is equal to your Dexterity, but as before you want Stamina in multiples of 30, so you may want 140 Dex but you would need 150 Stamina from items (as 140 Stamina is functionally no different to having 120 in terms of swinging your weapon).

Then as before you prioritise Strength, and the remainder in Intelligence.

People tend to have a buffer of Stamina and/or Dexterity to account for Curses and Stamina loss from damage.

The amount of Stamina you have/need is also dependant on the weapons you're using and your Swing Speed Increase. There is a calculator for that on uoguide.com most people pick their weapons according to what specials they intend to use and then find out what weapon that has those, has the highest base damage, that they can swing at the cap of 1.25s. Having Swing Speed Increase on weapons reduces the amount of Hit Leech effects you can have on them and ranged weapons have half as much again. This is why Necro (Vamp or Wraith Form) hybrids are popular and effective.

Non-Necro hybrids are no less effective in terms of damage output. So play what you want.

My only criticism is, I think you're doing your Bard or Archer a disservice by not having Discordance.
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Babbling Loonie
Nice to know..So in reality Stam of 190-200 is NOT better than Stam of 180. It has to be Stam of 210 to get the next bump in swing speed..Is this correct?