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Flies..in UO? A new monster? or New pet?


Crazed Zealot

Of all the outrageous things to ask, just to bring a smile and a laugh.

Well we have all sorts of Ants, Spiders, half-breed humanoid insects, and other undesirable creepy-crawley and creepy-flying things. These are the filthiest little (or large) little visitors everywhere, with pretty disgusting dietary habits and life cycles. They can spread disease of all types in RL.

Armored green flies, very sturdy, hard to kill, that need to be killed 2-3 times and are HUGE. Different colors also and different specialties : Some poisonous some are casters, some are thieves. Also imagine this: you open a treasure box and BOOM flies all over..Better run!

I know, I know..:coco:..:devil:

Just enjoy the game, have fun..

DreadLord Lestat

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The op is wanting something big to fight or tame, you're referring to a spell which is neither.