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Flea Market Saturday July 19th!


Project: Gorgon Game Mod
Stratics Veteran
We have been thinking about the best way to do a player market day, and the best thing that would be the easiest to implement (from my limited understanding), would be a bulletin board object where a player can advertise thier needs or what they are available to find and sell. These arrangements would be good for the next week only unless dated, or indicated as on-going.

As it stands, we still do not have this bulletin board object, so I want to try to use the forums for this. Then at the specified meet date and time, the agreed upon exchanges can be made.

There is no average cost of anything yet. I will leave it up to more math-y players to think about that. If we just go by what players are willing to do, then eventually a player economy will establish itself.

Keep in mind too, even if you don't mind gathering your own materials, this is a really cool way you can help new players and even veterans who enjoy farming. And of course, this type of activity is going to ease your storage issues by only having to store what you use. So let's give it a shot!

For simplicity, let's have a format. Use 'WTS', 'WTT', and 'WTB'. If you are selling or trading, post a ball park of what you would like in return. If you are interested in a proposal, respond to it. If it is a piece of gear you are WTS or WTB, be specific and agree on a deal before the day. These cases will be first come, first served. Also use this thread to discuss whether or not what is asked for is realistic, or if it looks like a noob is being taken advantage of. Eventually I would like the bulletin board to be clean cut announcements and responses, but this discussion needs to take place.

The official time of day will be 2pm cst, but other arrangements can be made ahead of time between the buyer and the seller. Keep in mind, for this to work as an event, players need to try to do this as a group. Thanks!

I will start:

WTB: Wild Apples
WTP: 10c each
AMT CAP: unlimited
END DATE: July 19
Special conditions or notes: New players only. Please respond if interested.
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Stratics Veteran
Will edit this post later to be more specific.

WTS: Cotton
WTS: Various Skins

Prices negotiable.


Stratics Veteran
Post removed do to me leaving server until issues have been resolved!
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Stratics Veteran
I'll buy all your grass.

Willing to pay 2gp per or 200 per stack.
I've got around 30 grass, it's not a lot but I don't want it, so I'll sell it to you

WTB low skill level items level 15-20 in the following categories(right to refuse items I have no interest in):
Necromancy, Sword, Shield These can have Cow on them
Bonus for combinations like Necro Sword
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