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First Round Training On A Cu


So, I finally got around to getting the first round training done on my cu, and visited the calculator to see how I want to distribute the points.
I'm having some trouble figuring out which things to increase and only use half of the total points. I can only seem to get it to where I lose out
on one or two points. Is there something I'm missing? Also, is it possible to add more points to mana for the second round of training, if you have
already put some points on mana in the first round? It seems like it would be a good thing if that is possible, that way any un-used points can go on
mana, and then add more in the second half of training. Also the calculator says to increase the base damage only in the second round of training, but what
happens if you do it in the first round? Will the base damage not go to max when finished with the second round?
Thank you


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Yes you can go back and add mana as many times as you like. So can you do with hall other stats aswell you can add a+5 then a+10 then a+15 and last a +20 scroll of all skills for an example.


Ok thank you. I wasn't sure if it would say "training has been completed" when i put points on mana in second round, if I put a few points on mana in the first round. I was confused and thought that once you finalize the first round point distribution, it would not let you add more in the second round. Much appreciated! Thank you!
I find it best to do resists, HPR and as much str on first round as possible. (so you are less squishy when training on next round of mobs)
Make sure dex/stam is 125 before you increase it to the cap of 150.