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First Paying Gig

  • Thread starter Paytience Fawn
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Paytience Fawn

Watch, coin purse, a ring placed on the wrong finger at the wrong time. They all had something in common. They were all accumulated in the space of 4.5 minutes. Thirteen year old Paytience ducked in and out of the crowd weaving through the obstacle course easily. Gathered for a festival, the dresses of cotton and chiffon were bulky and made it almost impossible to feel movement when they were brushed against towards the hemline. Lithe and agile, her miniature frame allowed her a lighter touch where it mattered. Clearing the group she slowed her pace and kept her eyes alert to what was around her as opposed to when she was not on duty and her eyes would remain centered at her feet. The tailor shop on the eastern side of town came into view and with it, six of her crew. Reaching up she removed the cap from her head and shook, letting her hair fall down around her shoulders.

Once she was safely out of view and tucked into the recesses of the building she pulled out the last hours finds and laid them bare for the rest to see.

"That's it?" Allen's eyes rolled in disappointment.

A hand reached up and smacked him across the back of the head just then. "I didn't see you pulling in anything yet." Thomas' voice was heated and hit home as Allen looked away.

"I just haven't gotten my wind yet."

"Wind, is all you're full of."
Giving a wink to Paytience, Thomas picked up the coin purse and unzipped it. Dumping the contents on the ground he quickly divided it up and handed out portions. Dropping Paytience portion into her hand he reached for the watch. It would fetch a pretty sum and that too would get split amongst them.Turning to look her in the eye Thomas motioned toward the docks and the overly large merchant vessel awaiting departure. "They'll come looking if'n ya don't go now, runt."