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First Knucklehead Ingame Auction (13th November '10 20:00 CET)


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Hello all.

We have decided to do something about our long announced "future event" Auctions, these auction will take place in our Auction house located in Yew area, Gates will be provided from Luna and West Britain banks from half an hour before the event starts up untill it starts, runes will also be dropped so you can drop in late.

Auction will be conducted in english, however i am sure someone would be able to translate into German should there be a need for such.

Our first Scheduled ingame auction will be on:

Saturday the 13th of November, 20:00 CET
(Central European Time)

You can View the items to be Auctioned and/or add items to be auctioned on, This Page
PS: You are required to be logged in to add auctions.

if you have added an auction please get to either Stephen or Gilmour as soon as possible so it can be approved. we can be reached via the forum or on ICQ: 64-110-519 (Stephen) or 525-91-550 (Gilmour)

items for auction MUST be in our possesion at least 24h before the auction takes place.

We keep a tidy log of what is in our possesion that is not ours.

after auction is over and done we will contact the owners either through the forum or on icq for gold trade (if it sold) or to give the item back if it didn't.

This service comes in round 1, free of cost. however we may or may not introduce percentages of the auction income in future.

For any issues related to creating auctions please post in the Support forum

any auctions that is not submitted by 20:00 on friday the 12th, will not be able to make it to this auction round.

We hope it will be a success.

The Knuckleheads