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Fire Steed


I Hate Skilling
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I Hate Skilling
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Fire Steeds do not start with a lot of natural stat points.
These are pets that exist now so you can go tame as many as you want.
They have no rare color so this is a throwaway pet until you put scrolls on it.
You can lore the intended pet while wild and put it in this calculator Pet Intensity Calculator | uo-cah.com Magic Resist can be 108 leave the resist value blank if wild. Thats the only stat that can change.
I tamed/killed less than 10 and found a 74.8%, 68.87% 70.53%.
Find one more than 70%
They are easy to Train at the mage. Ive run 3 unbonded through 2 - 4 slots in 2 evenings.

I want more Hit Points, What can I do?

Ways to "save" training points: (I do not recommend any of these for this pet type unless you have a specific target in mind.) Cept the scrolls

Use smaller than 120 Melee scrolls (this one is OK)
You can put less Regeneration on the pet. Can use cheaper intel to get desired mana regen. Pet Mana Regen Calculator | uo-cah.com
If you like to constantly vet and heal your pet, you can reduce HP regen. (unless you fight in crowds)
You can not add points to resistances you dont need. (make sure you have lored all targets you intend to fight)

What Stats do pets need?

Stamina = swing speed Always set to 150
Dexterity = walk run speed Should set to 150 if possible (has no effect on mounted speed)
Strength = Melee damage output and increases Chivalry damage output Always set this to 700 when possible. Pet Damage Calculator | uo-cah.com
Mana is the starting Mana pool of the pet. Pets use mana very quickly. We are finding that 400 to 500 mana is enough to start with as long as the regens are used.
Mana Regeneration = more mana for specials and magic. The bulk is from Mana Regen you add. Then Intel, Focus and Meditation adds to the regen.
Hit Points are your pets life value.
Intelligence = a small amount of Mana regen and a smaller amount of Magic damage increase Set this to as high as you can up to 370 if points are available.

Always set these 3 in this order or you will hit caps. Stamina 150 - Strength Max - Rest in intel

Exceptions: These may never apply to you.

You are positive your distance magic damage pet is just going to sit in a spot with no mobs that can damage it, you could try setting the str lower and intel higher.
Your pet is for specific individual mobs that take < 5mins to kill and spawn only once per 5ish minutes, You can boost the Mana up above 1000 because it will kill the target as it gets to <50 Mana. (not this Fire Steed tho)
Your pet will only be taken to a specific encounter with 1 main mob that does no x Element damage and no y element damage, you can put no more points in those resists. (dont forget magic damage)
You are a bard and will always use Resilence and be close to the pet. With 120 skill and primer III you can leave off 18 Mana regen. It caps at 30 so more is of no use.
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I Hate Skilling
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This is a general purpose build for a casual tamer. Copy your toon to test center and build the pet there first. If you are not happy with the amount of Hit points you have at the end you need to set the things you want to cut off last to get more HP.

Building your Fire Steed Slots 2 through 4

First points allocation: Slot 2 => 3

In the first two rounds you build the base pet. Can do the things in these 2 steps in any order.

1. Set Stamina to 150
2. Set Dexterity to 150
3. Set the resists to what you want
4. Set the Mana Regeneration to Max (30)
5. Set the Hit Point Regeneration to Max (20)
6. Set the Stamina regeneration to 5 or more
7. Rest in Hit Points or Strength

Before: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . After
upload_2019-1-26_22-16-1.png upload_2019-1-26_22-16-30.png
Resists were set like I want them

Second points allocation: Slot 3 => 4

The basic build is done except for Str and Hit Points.

1. Set Strength to 700 (max)
2. Set mana to 400 or 500
3. Rest in Hit Points or add some Intel first.

Now mine looks like this:

At this point you need to decide what abilities you want on the pet. This pet type is tight on points so I recommend AI and a Magic. Magery costs 1501 points so if you want a mage horse then use a Nightmare. You can choose any of the other Magics. The magic will be more effective with a 120 scroll.

The last round will have some points left over. You need just a few things added
Base damage - 30
AI - 100
Magic - 501
scrolls - all 120 - 600 all 115s with 120 chiv - 475 all 110 with 120 chiv - 350

So, you will have between 270 and 520 spare points in the last round. 90 HP to 172 HP that you can add.
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I Hate Skilling
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Stratics Legend
What abilities are best for this pet?
Like I said before, this is a disposable pet. You can get one at any time you can get a higher intensity one. This is not a pet with a rare color it can be replaced or used for testing. They are easy to train and they start with high melee skills. The three I did for this thread were fresh tames unbonded.

Until you find a place that works with your playstyle and victims I would not recommend putting high scrolls on this type pet.
This pet is not a tank pet, there are not enough points for that. This pet will not walk around and kill everything while you are hidden. This is an interactive pet.

The Fire Steed can get:
Special Move, Magic
An area ability, special move, Magic
two special moves, Magic

Like with all pets, the most damage comes from the special move Armor Ignore.
The most damaging magic is Chivalry.
This pet can also have Discord as the magic.
Can also get the "non magic" masteries as a magic for a cheap price. Discussion: Melee Magic Abilities

So, if you are just going to have one of these, Make yours AI/Chiv
This would also make a decent Discord pet.
You can make more and experiment with the other magics. (Not a Tokuno pet)

Last points allocation: Slot 4 => 5

1. Set the max base damage per second to Maximum!!!

2. Add your chosen abilities: Area, then special
3. Add your Magic
4. Now add scrolls. A 120 magic scroll is best
5. Leftover points where ever. (actually there is only Stam regen, mana, and HP you can add)
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I Hate Skilling
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I made 2 specialty pets for future use.

This Fire Steed will be for my Archer Tamer. He needs more HP because he can not vet or heal.
This build is for experienced pet users. Many can not handle the idea of not having the resists maxxed even if they are not used. I have taken pets to both that have 45 Poison or Cold resist they have no issues with area spells from Mel.

This pet will only Travel to Melisande and Medusa. Can train at Navrey. I couldn't name it Lady Killer
Has 216 points left. Im out of 115 Parry scrolls. Can add resists if I want to use at other encounters.

Melee damages from the 3:

All three of these have their lowest Resist in Fire with Physical second.
None do Cold or Poison Melee Damage.


I Hate Skilling
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Here is another that is specifically made for the three encounters above. I threw on Poison Resist in case I get a call in chat for Dreadhorn.

Has 201 points left.

These have just been transferred to their new owners. So a week for bonding and months for skilling...
Before they are ready to fight.