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Fighter vs spellcasters.


Coming back to UO after a while. Trying to set up mostly PVM fighter type, one for PvP one for PVM.
As a fighter with Chiv, how high does the Chiv need to be to be able to dispel evil succesfully? 55 not good enough?
Even more importantly, while fighting and getting hit, how do you avoid being interrupted when you try to cast remove curse and other spells? Do you need to have used a "protection" magery scroll? Or what?
Tyvm for information.


Stratics Veteran
You need 85 Chivalry to successfully cast Dispel Evil 100% of the time.

You can either use Protection, or use 4 Faster Casting, 6 Faster Casting Recovery, and get better at spell timing. You could also use tactics such as using Evasion (if you have Bushido), waiting for a divert to a Mirror Image (if you have Ninjitsu), or using a special move (like Paralyse or Nerve Strike) to buy you time.

Personally if you're using Chivalry in that direct mid-battle kind of way you probably want 4/6 Casting, which is the best option.