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Field Manual: General RvR



General RvR Rules of Engagement

- The loading screen advises you to fight any attacking player and wonder why you fought later.
This is a very spot on tip for WAR. Many times you will find yourself trying to join the main force of a keep siege or crossing an RvR "lake" to get to a lair boss or destination. Traveling alone, especially during the lower levels of a tier, often invites players to ambush you.
Solutions: Pack mentality works for a reason; traveling in numbers provides physical and perceptual protection from enemy players. Outnumbering the enemy, even when somewhat unorganized, will more than likely cause them to rethink their attack plans if not abandon them. Even buying time by making the enemy reassess might give you time to rally with your main forces. You will end up doing better there than dead under a tree with a release button.

-Educate yourself on game mechanics and careers alike.

Nobody bolsters your brain for being less informed that the player on the other side of your monitor. You can easily improve your impact in RvR by simply knowing a few things about each career and its skillset, without feeling like you are cramming for a test.
Solutions: Mythic specifically designed each class to stand out and look different from all the others. Mythic also designed basic rules of thumb when it comes to range, line of sight, cast times, and effect duration. While this does make the game cool, it also should act as mental highlighter as to what friendlies are at your side and enemies are approaching. By knowing what each career looks like, i.e. Magus ride disks (aren't walking), and knowing basic career mechanics, i.e. Runepriest are support casters, you are able to react quicker and more flexibly.
This also ties into the next point...

-Know your career archetype and role.

By fully understanding your own skillset, along with what jobs you will be tasked with, i.e. healing, assassination, AoE damage, defense, etc., you will greatly improve your effectiveness and your contribution toward completing objectives. For example, Witch Elves and Witch Hunters are obviously suited for striking at targets of opportunity, not sustained damage taking or significant ranged combat. Conversely, Sorcs and Bright Wizards would be best suited for maximum ranged casting. Know what abilities are used to escape, disrupt, and hinder enemies as well as how you can use them to defend realmmates as well. Offensively, a root will stop runners and allow for kills, but defensively a root could buy you or a buddy just the few seconds away from a hostile they need to receive a heal or backup.

-Know your surroundings.

Standing next to a rock could possibly be the difference between getting more frags or being punted to your death. Realize the elevation, as well as the slope and doodads in the area. Players will collide with other players, rocks, trees, walls, and many other objects in the game when knocked back, just like when they are moving around on their own. Use this to your advantage when gaining position on an enemy.
Solutions: Utilizing chokepoints or bottlenecks allows maximum control of damage in, damage out, and progression of the line. Being knocked uphill causes you to travel shorter distance than being knocked off a hill. Know the fastest way to close a gap or gain line of sight on a target in a thicket or keep. Wedging yourself between a tank and a tree will work well so long as it doesn't cause you to die by not being able to move when the time comes. Also, forcing enemy players into an area with fewer directions to run allows you to pursue and dispatch without chasing.

-Make the game natural for you to play.

In RvR combat, nobody waits for you to turn with keys, click your skills, or fumble through you bags for the most potent healing potion. Not being able to see what amount of health an ally has does not make him invulnerable until you can. Custom UIs, even the most thoroughly programmed, do not play the game for you any better than how it is written to do so.
Solutions: Take full advantage of the customizable UI first. Move everything to where you want it to be and what size, THEN go out and look for third party programs IF you NEED them. Chances are once you reassign keys to something comfortable to hit (Shift+F12 might not be the best macro for morale rank 4 abilities), your skill level will as well. Utilize all buttons on your mouse and keyboard to access every skill you use very quickly. If you use consumables, hotkey them to a slot in the hotbars, and use the icon as a reference for the refresh timer as well as how many you have left. Use the macros option to create specific multistroke commands for one button, whether it be heal a specific player, assist an ally on a target, or cast a spell on yourself then one on your target. Learning someone else's setup takes just as much work as learning your own.

Thank you for reading this short on RvR tips. Future installments will address scenario and keep siege specifics.


Use the macros option to create specific multistroke commands for one button, whether it be heal a specific player, assist an ally on a target, or cast a spell on yourself then one on your target.

Does anyone have a link to a page that describes all of the different commands one can program? I can't figure out how to cast a spell and target me, then target something else....


You can't.

Mythic will not allow the game to become battle of the macro's allowing multiple actions with one button click or press.


You are able to make basic macros by using the Macros tab. What you are not allowed to do is download third party mods that will do everything for you with one click. Look at the commands available in the game, go into the Macros tab, and enter in what you need.