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[Suggestion] [FICTION] Possible faction fiction?


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Ok, so it seems we at least know we will have three factions, most likely with unique names and after this post my Mark_Mythic…


… we may have a slight insight into the fiction behind the moves/changes. Personally I need realistic, plausible fiction to justify the moves so let’s help them out a bit. I have dusted off my pen, uhm, keyboard, and will write some “possibilities” in character and from the TB point of view. Please add to the story, make comments on why the fiction works or doesn’t work, point of view of the other factions, etc.

The little thief stands vigil in the castle that has become her home. It is quiet, the nobles and guards standing watch with her as the sigils remain secure on their monoliths. Tink’r Toiz should be at ease but the air carries the hint of change which engages the thief’s sense of adventure but fills her with foreboding as well.

The minions of the Shadowlords have been all but defeated and only pockets of resistance remain on some of the perfect instances of Sosaria. Some of the forces have drifted off to join the legions of Minax, bent on destroying all that The Stranger and Lord British held dear and have created. Others have become independent dealers of death and destruction driven only by personal gain; they worship and fight only for wealth and power they can gain. Where there once was an odd balance and order to the fight for Sosaria, there is now chaos and it is the citizens who will suffer.

The True Britainnians are faced with several troubling decisions. They have agonized long but it seems that it has become imperative that they abandon their Castle, the center of their “world” for the good of the citizens. The towns are growing in population and importance. The other factions know this and work long and hard to control them for their own gain. When they can’t control them, they slaughter the citizens to prevent those in power from the benefits. The TB leaders have decided they must take the battle to save the towns out of Britain to the country where they can control peripheral damage.

Tinkz eyes fill with tears at the thought. She wipes them quickly away with a self-scolding that there is no room for sentiment these days. She thinks of the battles, won and lost, comrades still fighting side by side and those that have fallen and not returned. So many memories, so much of her life given to defending this stone structure.

Her head snaps up at the brief glimpse of a shadowed form. She holds her breath and checks her explode potions as she senses the form drawing nearer. The presence whispers, “Tinkz it is me”. The little thief relaxes at the sound of Grace O’Mally’s voice.

She had wondered when her friend would return from her mission. The scouts have been searching for defendable locations as the craftsman and builders stand ready to prepare the new fortress. The scouts come and go and each day bring back bits of information and rumor that, with the chaos in the factions, new alliances are being formed and Grace’s news adds to Tinkz uneasiness.

Grace confirms the forces of evil are gathering. These forces hold no loyalty to what Lord British has created and seek to rid all of Sosaria of those whose ideas differ from their own. This legion is comprised of former minions of the Shadowlords, the followers of Minax, a few defectors from True Britainnian ranks and newly “recruited”.

Recruited? Tinkz hangs her head sadly at the thought of citizens taking up the fight for evil. The allure of power is indeed strong; as strong as the allure of fame and wealth. She barely hears her friend’s consolation “Tinkz it will be alright”.

The words of Nonel Topd, from his journeys of just the night before, ring through her mind. The taverns, docks, inns and banks all hold rumor of a new movement by those that only fight for what they can gain. Wealth, power, fame. They have no feeling for the citizens or Sosaria and in some ways, Tinkz fears them more than the combined forces of evil.

She moves, silently, a few paces to provide a better vantage to watch over her charges and Grace moves in unison. Tinkz smiles as sometimes these two friends and allies are indeed their own worst enemy; long known for accidentally revealing each other at the most inopportune of moments.

All eight symbols of the towns sit securely where she left them, for the moment safe. She should leave the castle and rest as the upcoming months may challenge them beyond imagination but her thoughts won’t let her.

So many questions that have yet to be answered. Will they find a new base that is truly defendable? Will the forces of evil and self-serving continue to grow? Will the True Britainnians find new allies amongst this chaos?

Tink’r Toiz takes a deep breath. For now all she can do is continue the fight as she knows it. The future of factions is at the mercy and design of the powers that be.

The two friends stand guard over their charges. There is no talk as after all these months there is no need. All the times Grace has run distraction to save Tinkz and the towns, all the times they have raided, just the two thieves, against far superior numbers, have made it unnecessary to say much. They both know the other has "her back" and what the other is thinking…when will we stand watch like this, in our castle, for the last time?​