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Few Questions,returning player.


1. I was wondering if this can be played on the classic client or do you need to run it on the enhanced?

2. Where do I get it from? Did not see it on the UO site., maybe I missed it?

3. Is there another expansion before this that I need first? Other than what was given to us at the start.

Thanks in advance. Look forward to getting back into this once again.


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Stratics Legend
1. Either client
2. Origin.com
3. Make sure if you already have a UO account you get the "upgrade" not the new player package thing.

Petra Fyde

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All accounts were automatically upgraded to Mondain's Legacy. Since then there have been: Stygian Abyss expansion, high seas booster pack, Time of Legends expansion and some less necessary theme packs. Care needs to be taken when buying Stygian abyss because there are two versions, the upgrade version and the new player version with 30 days gametime included. Origin doesn't make it clear that the version with game time is for new players only and cannot be used to upgrade an existing account.

In some countries Origin hasn't made these expansions available for purchase.

Lord Frodo

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Getting Started
As you get started on your journey, you will be faced with a few decisions. This section will cover the first of those decisions.

1. Choose Your Client
Your choice of client will affect how you view, and play the game. You are free to switch so long as you have both installed on your system.
Getting Started – Ultima Online

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