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Festival Was Total Crap *bit of a rant*


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There are two values listed on each bod. A value for turning in and collecting a reward now and a value for "banking" points. I believe players want to know which of the two values is being used. The "use now" value, or the "banking" value?
As I said in the previous post, the points listed on the BOD are a good measure of the value of a BOD. The banked point value is a function of the immediate turnin value, so the two numbers are intrinsically linked to the inherent value of the BOD as far as the the growth of the tree is concerned. For example, a small alchemy BOD for 20 greater conflag potions is worth a small advance towards the growth of the tree and yields so many entries whereas a large blacksmithy BOD for exceptional valorite platemail is worth much more towards the growth of the tree and more entries to the raffle for the person who turns that in.

It's a fairly straightforward formula, the higher the value of the BOD (either as represented by the turnin or banked points) the greater the advance in tree growth and the more entries into the raffle you get.