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Stratics Veteran
Wednesday, 2/13 8pm C – Royal Britannian Guard
Fire in the Sky

Wednesday, 2/20 8pm C – Royal Council Meeting
Citizens are invited to the monthly meeting.

Wednesday, 2/27 8pm C – Royal Britannian Guard
Above the Clouds

(All event dates and times subject to change)

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Crazed Zealot
I am assuming the event "Above the Clouds" was tonight's event. Here my Book report!

3-2-190016.jpg 3-2-190017.jpg 3-2-190018.jpg 3-2-190019.jpg 3-2-190020.jpg 3-2-190021.jpg 3-2-190022.jpg 3-2-190023.jpg 3-2-190024.jpg 3-2-190025.jpg 3-2-190026.jpg 3-2-190027.jpg 3-2-190028.jpg 3-2-190029.jpg 3-2-190030.jpg 3-2-190031.jpg