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Factions are fine with small tweaks...it's the state of the economy you know


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Sorry, could not resist the economy line from an old BCer years ago, but without subscription number knowledge I think factions are close to being 'fun' again.

Factions are used for PVP, although others can say "I do it for the vendors, or be sheriff."

Manipulation of points can cause an inequity of the system for armor purchasing, we get that. So put a cap on points at 250, or whatever is reasonable.

PVP drives play time in fel, and other interest in the game. Making AFFORDABLE armor available, that one can use and not be called a NEWB, is as important as having a crafting system that holds people's interest.

HUGE POINT - Many people do not have the same number of hours to "escape" within this game as I do...making 'affordable' pvp armor via factions is HUGE.....stay with me.....so keeping people interested in factions can definitely BUMP amount of time played, hence the reason to do two additional things to make factions MORE FRIENDLY:
1) Lower the timer to 10 minutes...the non-power player will log if he/she has fewer accounts than I do if they have to wait 20 minutes....10 minutes is enough to get them out of whatever immediate fight should they choose not to fight while 'statted.'
2) Keep the lower level faction armor cost, in terms of silver or gold, as cheap or cheaper in terms of silver (or gold) cost. Sure, keep your level 9 or 10 high if you want...ok...but make it easy to have people that would otherwise feel embarrassed to join in the fun of UO. Yes, consider 100k or whatever values of GOLD to buy the lower end armor that lasts 4 weeks.

After all, this armor is good only in FEL...heck, even increase the decay rate in non Fel places if you like.

Please consider as I think these two items alone have the poten
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Hattori Hanzo

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I sense a major change coming. Those of us wanting only tweets may be disappointed.