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Faction Improvement Thread 2007

  • Thread starter imported_Irish Rage
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imported_Irish Rage

Please post your constructive ideas for improving the faction system to this thread. Flames or unconstructive rants do not have a place in this thread.

Thank you!
Irish Rage


Well this is pretty much copied from my post a few days ago.

1. Stat Loss. Personally the stat loss time (20 minutes) doesn't really bother me but a lot of the people who join absolutely hate it. I think there should be a 'remedy' of some sort to shorten the stat loss. The remedy should be made by faction crafters with expensive ingredients that are not exactly easy to find. Ingredients like the peerless ingredients.
2. Crafting is useless now. With the exception of crafting traps, tailors and blacksmiths have no part in the factions anymore because of the introduction of insurance. (Faction armor was bless for 1 month). Faction armor created should be like a crafted set (like hunters garb, greymist set) but better and should only be used by the factions and it should be very expensive silver wise. (20k a piece.) There should also be dragon bardic deeds that are more effective and that can only be used by factions.
3. Point System. Since there isn't many people in the factions its not always easy to get points. When you do get points it may be several days before you get more. The problem with this is the point decay. The point decay system removes more points each week than there are points being transfered from person to person. I think point decay should not be a factor until you have more than 20 points and you should only lose 10% of your points once on a monthly cycle.
4. Stealing. The poor thieves in the factions get no recognition from stealing the sigils and running them from base to base. Whether it is points, rank or a title, thieves should get some kind of recognition from stealing the sigils. The sigils should also require 100 stealing, if not 120 to make sure people cannot always steal the sigs in stat loss.
5. The Bases. The bases aren't even. TB's base is so unfair, especially with the gate on the bridge. They can stealth on top of the wall and open and close the gate from on top. There is also a bug to place the vendors under the walkway (which is in the TB base). So they can trap their guards inside their base, which is supposed to be illegal.
6. The GMs. They do not know the rules and I've heard of cases on several shards lately where the GMs removed the items that were being used to set up blockades. (which is LEGAL in factions). They should obviously know the rules.
7. The CL. The CL should be able to see the finances of all the towns. As it stands the CL has to have a financial minister appointed, and than the FM has to tell the CL.
8. Other Faction Positions. You should have to be appointed to be able to place traps, this will prevent other factions from joining on one character and hiding your traps.
9. More faction monsters. As of right now, each faction only has 1 monster. There should be more. And they should be equal in strength. Ogre Lords > all others.
10. Peerless Instance Bug. There is a bug in the new instances (i.e. heartwood) that causes you to lose all your points if you log out in heartwood. It also doesn't register the factions so you cannot mount your faction horses in these instances if you are dismounted.
11. The Towns. They should actually give you something. As of right now you can only set reg,wood, bottle, ingot vendors and prices for people who don't even us feluccia towns. They have to incorporate something that differentiates (sp?) the towns. Minoc for example should sell all ingot types and allow you some kind of benefit/bonus to your blacksmithing, only if you are in the factions. Moonglow should offer vendors for both mage and NECRO regs. The towns have to be worth something to give people more of a reason than bragging rights.


The Grandest of the PooBah’s
Stratics Veteran
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Campaign Benefactor
just getting the faction system working PROPERLLY would be a fantastic start.
stuff like all the faction proffs like inscription, tailoring, smithing ect ecta ll up and working.

they system itself is good and nice.
it just needs to WORK!

ive allways been a strong backer of getting some love'n for the thiefs.
i think thats cause ive allways played a faction thief.
but i never get to ride my pretty horse.
(or back in the day when it worked) wear any of the blessed stuff cause my thief never had any rank cause he never had any kills.
so some love for the theifs would be sweet sauce.

colored barding deeds for factions.
love that idea.

how about some cursed faction atries.
can only be used by faction guys.
get them while hunting, or something like that.
have to make them accessable to all factions guys, so should be easy to get.
colored for that faction (of course) and they can be like the peerless keys.
they die in say 2 days?
or hey, i know, have it so that the faction crafters can make them with a stink load of silver!

my nipples are getting hard.

how about some titles that sticky over to tram facets.
so we can show off how L33T we are in tram.

how about giving factions the old BOUNTY HUNTER game back.
ohhh baby, here daddy goes!
have bountys for the guys with the kills.
the higher the kills, the higher the bountys.
pays out in silver (of course)
kill, remove head, cash in at a guard.

we gotta get that bounty system back, that was by far one of the funnest things that UO ever had.

im sure there is a tonne more that ive bitched about over the years.
ill try to think of some more while i sit here and nurse a beer.


I have been playing Factions for a long time, and the number one thing i know that keeps people away from factions is Stat loss. It needs to be shorter otherwise im afraid to say Factions will die.............. If there is anything i can do to help please let me know............. Dalton Slade, GM D|A Minax Factions Napa Valley


The Grandest of the PooBah’s
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Benefactor
having higher stealing for taking sigils would get kill off the guys who roll in with a killer 120 template for kill'n, slap on the shadow legs, bandana, ring and watch and talisman, stealing all the sigils, then rolling out and killing everyone again.

whats the use of having the sigils having to be stolen if a person can steal them with no real skill in stealing!

just makes us thieves feel important instead of... impotent. (play on words, eh eh eh!)

imported_Luka Melehan


I saw a note recently on U.Hall that the faction chat system in the KR client wasn't working properly. Has anyone tried it yet, or does anyone know how it's supposed to work?

[/ QUOTE ]

Have not played faction stuff in KR simply because of the necessity to run UOAM. Until there is a comparible map in KR that is compatible with 2D, it will be impossible to do faction stuff in KR.


Irish are they even discussing factions? i know people have been making a bigger deal of it now because of that unfairness on SP but i think they do need to fix it


There is a bug with the Shadowlords stronghold. If you die on the seconds level you CANNOT get up the stairs as a ghost. Infact you cant get up the stairs a a wraith either.

And yes, i agree TB have it way easier with the bridge at their base, and aduse the rules by setting up vendors to block in the guards.


I agree! Faction thieves and tinkers need some recognition for their efforts.

I believe there should be a faction wipe. At least wipe all inactive accounts. There are factions that can accept no members. Why is this?


The biggest permanent problem; orange should prevail over red or gray. Any excuse why it does not?

Lord Kotan

Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Two things I do not like about factions are:

Statloss - I mean reds got rid of their statloss, why can't we get rid of it (or reduce it to 10 minutes) in factions?

I think war horses should be simular to swampies, except give 10% damage reduction. Basically like a chief's swampie - the armor never breaks. This would definiently keep me in factions.


Grand Poobah
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Statloss - I mean reds got rid of their statloss, why can't we get rid of it (or reduce it to 10 minutes) in factions?
Stat loss is fine the way it is.

I think war horses should be simular to swampies, except give 10% damage reduction. Basically like a chief's swampie - the armor never breaks. This would definiently keep me in factions.
Factions are for PvP. Just because you use two accounts to keep rank and faction items on your PvMers doesn't mean the dev's should cater to you more and give you a faction paroxy so you can PvM with no investment.

IF they were to do something like that they should keep horses the same as they are, but add a faction craftable "horse barding deed" to smithing that requires silver investment. The Barding deed should do 5-10% damage reduction ONLY from players (and player tameables/summons) with an allegiance to an opposing faction.

Michel MPR

How about faction barricades that take up a trap slot (which could be removed by attacking the barricades with a large force.It would be nice to have a few things that nobody could just walk right thru. *sighs* bagballs only hinder the non-cheaters) Or maybe a new trap that works like those icy patches and causes enemys to become dismounted. Anything like that would spice it up a bit :)

wee papa smurf

Make it so theres some sort of penalty for killing your own faction members!! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:


Faction members should not be able to kill each other. Killing a member of your own faction should put you in a 30 min 50% stat loss if they choose to give you this penalty. The same way murder counts work right now. "Would you like to report ****** of your faction for treason?"

Stat Loss. I am not opposed completely to keeping Stat just the way it is. Although shortening the timer might get more people into the factions.

Blues should not be able to attack a red in factions that is engaged in combat with another faction. If the blue were to attack first I guess this would be ok. At least the Red would know it was coming.

How can we stop people from having characters in different factions? This is a tough one. What if they are using different accounts? Someone should not be premitted to be in more then 1 different faction, even if they are using different accounts.

No faction Items for Trammies. Either make items unuseable in Tram or let the reds go there and kill all the people doing this. There needs to be some risk for being in factions even if you are in Tram. My preferance here would be giving reds the ability to enter all facets with the ability to only kill faction. In tram reds should not be attackable by blues either. (this would stop dumb blues from attacking by accident) Only Orange. Why should I not be allowed to visit all the faucets because I like to PVP?

More reason to hold towns. At the moment no one really cares about holding a town because there is very little benifit to it. How about increased silver for every town you hold? How about a town item. If I hold Brit I get an extra bonus on one of my faction items?

Sigils should be able to be stolen more often but not over night. Should there be a cut off time like 1am? Stealing opens again at noon? Something like that. How about just during a certain window of the day? Between 5pm and 10pm of the servers local time. Could even be shorter then that. Might encourage some epic battles across all of fel during this time. I know I would be up for defending the sigils if I only had to sit there for an hour a day. After that I know they are safe till tomorrow!

I am sure I will think of more....


Faction changes

I have played UO off and on for years and when Factions first started, I was deployed overseas and missed the best parts of the system… So I have some recommendations for some changes to keep it interesting and fresh..

The battle between the factions have been raging for years..

One of the factions should be destroyed by now…

I say one of the factions either be destroyed and/or replaced by a growing threat of some kind.

Next I say we integrate factions in to trammel. With combat being only possible between faction members and make it worth being in factions.

The towns in felucca will still be controllable the same way with the ability to set up faction vendors.

Increase the goods that faction vendors offer.

The towns in trammel will not be able to be captured. Instead, place forts around the map.. 4 or 5 different forts with each fort offering a different piece of a bonus with all forts offering a set bonus like an armor suit would.

Also, if you control all the towns in felucca then if you hunt on your faction character or buy from that character then maybe receive a discount of some kind, while doing it in felucca. Also, if you control all the towns in felucca and all the forts in trammel, then you would get a discount or a bonus item that is buyable from the vendor, and only for those that control all of the towns and forts. Nothing that would break the economy or the game, maybe something new.

Faction members depending on their rank will receive a character bonus of some kind. Not just the items, but a skill bonus or a stat bonus. Perhaps the faction armor will have an extra imbue option at a certain rank. Or the items at that rank will have that option..

These are just idea’s.. I think faction fighting is fun and would like to see them a little more active.


I think everyone wanna have such thing happens....making faction alive again and the dev team sounds like working on this too...

I have got a few ideas to make it alive and more peoples are interested to join faction.
First of all we have to make the FEL side more faction related which is not entirely about town control. But we can balance out in Tram also.
Changes can be done as follow:
1/ I believe that many peoples are suffering from this situation " Why am I joining faction when I don't have to worry about skill lost and I can keep killing ppls?" . To solve this, I strongly recommend the changes can be done like this:
All characters that are NOT in faction would automatically having a 12% skill lost (not the base skill) in FEL facet.
So whoever wanna turn red or having any pvp act in fel, they have to join a faction.
This also wouldn't affect Hunting in Fel with non-faction players too much with 12% loss.

Conclusion : 12% surface skill penalty for non-faction characters.

2/ To balance out the faction vs non faction players in TRAM side, working on faction artis is not enough.
Faction players in TRAM side would receive a bonus of 20% damage increase cap(a total of 120%) , Mana Regen bonus cap for 2 (a total of MR 20) and 1000 luck.
BUT!! Their corspe would turn Criminal once they're dead and LOOT-ABLE by ANYONE.

Conclusion :
A/ Bonus of 20% DI cap, MR cap increase by 2, +1000luck
B/Corspe turns criminal and loot-able by anyone.

In this way, we can balance out the advantage vs disadvantage between both facet for both faction/non-faction players.

3/ CHAOS/ORDER system can come back to the game with adding CHAOS/ORDER to your faction guild would be able to NULLIFY all bonus & criminal death penalty of Faction characters in Tram.

Conclusion : Joining Chaos/Order can NULLIFY all faction tram bonus & penalty.

Guys lets share your thoughts together to make this game PVP be more reasonable for faction system. This is very sick to see non-faction pvpers in Fel has total advantage over the real fighting guys.

Hope we can dig deep and make a better balance together.