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Extra Life Event Oct 25!


Project: Gorgon Game Mod
Stratics Veteran

What is Extra Life?

Extra Life is an organization founded in 2008 to facilitate gamers like us to make money for the Children's Miracle Network Hospital in your local area. This is completely legit and is sponsored by big names such as Twitch, Wizards of the Coast and Microsoft. Last year when I particiated I went to a friends house where 5 of us played 24 hours of Diablo 3. It was a blast! All you have to do is go to the website and register. When you register, tell them you want to be a part of Team Gorgon. Then all you have to do is collect a couple pledges and be ready for 24 hours of fun in Project Gorgon!

I realize we have people in all time zones and its perfectly alright for you to start your 24 hours whenever is convenient for you. However activities will be planned according central time. And remember, as players you can run your own activities!

This year the event will take place on Oct 25.


What do I have planned?

This is a working list of what I would like to do. Please make suggestions or let me know if you want to help out in presenting activities. There will eventually be a schedule including who is running which activity.

- Ventrilo channel
- Armor in team colors for team activities. This means no mods except on your boots, gloves and helms, so prepare. Not all activities will require team suits.
- relay race
- duels, ffa, pet ffa
- gauntlet challenge
- hide and seek/hunt and kill
- bake sale for gourmand xp
- world tour for gourmand xp
- possibly a fluff item only available that day
- possibly contests (drawings, ugliest outfit, highest pledge, etc)

While we are at it, why not promote the game we love?

Those of you that blog, twitter, reddit or FB please call out what you are doing! Include screen shots or comments about why you like this game. And if you stream, use Extra Life as your game title and you will be included in thier Extra Life marathon. What a great opportunity! The more streamers, the greater chance some new person will see us and want to give it a try!

Also, according to the article below, Twitch will give you a 1-UP for participating in thier marathon!


So, let's do it!

Go register and become a member of my team! Be a part of helping Children's Miracle Network Hospitals in your area, and getting the word out about Project: Gorgon! Even if you can only get one pledge, those single pledges add up pretty quickly.
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can we take a bit to pop in?
Stratics is also taking part in Extra Life, and will be streaming live all of our gaming activities - including Project:Gorgon!
Maybe our characters can all meet up in game? :)