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Exploit: Pushing Players from Yellow Zones into Red Zones

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Stratics Veteran
Hello everyone!

Recently, we have received an increasing amount of reports from players being pushed from a Yellow Zone into a Red Zone by abusing a specific edge case with forced movement mechanics.

We would like to raise awareness that abusing this mechanic in order to push players into a Red Zone is considered an exploit under clause 15.5.4 of our Terms and Conditions and those who abuse it will be sanctioned accordingly.

This not only includes the players actively pushing but also the ones that actively participate in the group to kill those players once they are pushed. We have to assume that they know what their party members are doing and are fully aware that they are abusing a bug.

If you see anyone abusing this mechanic, please file a report by writing to [email protected] and provide any evidence you might have (video confirmation of the exploit, links to the killboard)

We are working on a fix at the moment, but in the meantime players that are transporting in the affected areas, you can prevent this from happening by activating the "Zone Notification popup" in your settings.

For that, just open your settings in the game -> Notifications -> Entering a Red PvP zone (click on the cross)

After that, you will not get teleported into a red zone anymore unless you actively agree to.

- Nesnes & Dev Team

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