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Experience changes...



yeah I was reading about that... I don't quite get it because I only had a minute but the gist is we level much faster?

For me... this is kind of good news, I think. I'm a very casual player and even when I'm playing a LOT I don't necessarily level a lot so it would speed up my progress definitely BUT I think that hardcore players might not like because it will be so fast and less challenging. I mean... my main char is only 78 right now and I've been playing for going on 4 years but one of my friends has rolled 5 or so many chars to 80 since he started playing around the same time.


If it is basically just faster leveling, then group play is going to suck further.

Grinding is boring, but at least you know that someone who has ground is more likely to know their char and be able to play properly.

I've just dropped my wow subs as I became fed up with flash in the pans who just could not play in their char or in groups because it was too easy to get experience from being twinked.

Also, the sense of achievement goes down greatly.