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EVI Supreme Chancellor Proposal [Approved]

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
EVI Supreme Chancellor Proposal Approved

Proposal: The creation of a RP position know as "Supreme Chancellor" This position would speak for the Imperium when we are so often requested to send one representative. The position still follows all Imperium votes and each townships OOC Leadership and RP leadership.

Void Core Empowers ----> The Supreme Chancellor

The position would be used for RP ONLY and will need to have full knowledge of each Imperium townships history, IC and OOC Government, major storylines, EM events, EM RPC Characters, history and Major EM Storylines. This position would be used during the EM interactions and outside township diplomacy. The position does not reach into individual townships.

(Three Month Trial Period)
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