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Event Thrower


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Hoping for some help to make an event thrower. I got throwing up to 120 a few years ago, but it's been stoned since I didn't see what the deal was with throwing, so I assume that I was using a bad template and bad equipment / weapons.

So my questions:
- What skills / template should I use
- Any preferences for strength, stamina and intelligence? Should I work at 180 stam?
- What kind of weapons would be best for maximum damage?

I appreciate any insight, including on stuff that I didn't even ask about!


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Supporter
I run a wraith thrower. The template has little changed for me over the last decade. The key is maximum swing speed and a soul glaive. To me, that means at least 45 SSI with 180+ stamina for 1.5s throws. Yes, you can get to 210 stamina and 55 SSI for 1.25s throws, but I never liked the downsides of the mods that pushed out of my suit. It might work for you. I have tried ABC Throwers and Vamp Throwers too. I seem to always come back to the wraith form variant so I can endlessly spam AI on bosses. It sounds to me this is what you might be looking for with events.

120 Throwing
120 Anatomy
120 Healing
100 Tactics
95 Chivalry
80 Bushido
60 Spirit Speak
40 Necromancy

I run in protection. Curse Weapon when you need extra healing while attacking. Downside is mobility, so I usually fly around and only go to wraith when I need to start using AI over and over. You can play around with the tactics, anatomy, healing and bushido exact skill levels, but this is where I settled. I don’t use curse weapon all of the time due to the karma loss so healing and confidence are how I primarily stay alive. Also, I do carry reagents on this guy for curse weapon and wraith form. I probably could fit LRC into the suit nowadays, but I never rebuilt him with legendaries.


The Enchanter
Stratics Veteran
Campaign Patron
Only 20 Necromancy needed to maintain wraith form. You can get rings and hold onto a spell book with +Necromancy on them to cast wraith form and then drop them. I would re-route any extra points you have to Spirit Speak so that you can leach back more mana.


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Supporter
I go with 40 Necro for 100% success with curse weapon.


Long Live The Players
Stratics Veteran
You dont need anything fancy for events. This is the guide i wrote up for my discord server. It is to teach people that you dont need to transfer anything to a shard to start a thrower. you just need to do the work.

"you can create a garg thrower for under 1k gold and be succesful at em events. Obviously it would help if you could start with a suit, scrolls and weps but these are not necesarry to get a drop at an EM event. You can get these items over time. For tithing loot gold from trogs.

Creation: 50 healing, 50 chiv, 20 throwing 60 str, 20 dex, 10 int.

Things to buy first: 6 boomerangs (royal city blacksmith), Tithe max for chiv (100k), any runebook to get you around, suit with stam, mana, lmc, hp increase and arties. jewels etc.

stat goals:
120 stam
100 mana
45 hci
100 DI

skill goals
100 throw
100 tact
100 anat
100 heal
100 resist
90 chiv
100 focus

First skill resisting spells:
1. use spectrals in new haven
2. use Marble house to not get hit
3. if no marble house exist use boat or the NPC house way se along dirt road
4. leave str up on your stats while doing this and int/dex down/locked
5. leave all skills pointed up for max stat gain

Next skill train throwing, tact and anat:
1. go to luna and find a set of portals. (remember these as you will use them a lot)
2. say "dungeon underworld" next to corrupted portal
3. go in dungeon and stand on ledge next to slimes
4. attack slimes until above 50 in tact and throw
5. once 50 move to next ledge and attack slugs until 75 tact
6. once str hits 100 let dex and str up.

next skill is chivalry
1. make sure you have tithed gold (second floor luna bank has ankh to do so)
2. at 50 cast divine fury until 60
3. at 60 cast enemy of one until 70
4. at 70 cast holy light until 90.
5. if your dex is above 100 let into go up

Next skill is throwing, tact, anat and healing
1. got to crystal protals
2. say "dungeon caves"
3. attack troglodytes until gm tact, throw and anat. 80+ healing should be close
(troglodytes carry bandages so you wont have to leave this dungeon until you are finished)
4. loot gold for tithing if you havent done chivalry yet."


Long Live The Players
Stratics Veteran
For arties sign up for VVV and get the crimson, the 10 hci talisman and the mace and shield glasses. if its just an event thrower you dont have to worry about going to fel often or ever.

once you are close to being done, loot bosses and corpses at these events for your suit/jewels. You can also get in gen chat and start chatting with the locals. make friends and perhaps one of them will be nice enough to help you with a starter suit.