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[Event]Danger on the Testbed Seas![with Prizes!]

  • Thread starter Dor of Sonoma
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Dor of Sonoma

This is just in from Rhaegar - and it sounds like fun! As per last week's announcement, Character Copy transfers to Testbed are temporarily in effect as well - so be sure to take advantage of that opportunity, as well as allowing plenty of time to patch Testbed up to Build 1.8 in advance!
(The Release Notes for Testbed Build have just been posted HERE)
Danger on the Testbed Seas!
As you’ve probably already noticed, we’ve just pushed milestone 1.8 to Testbed.

This milestone contains lots of fun new features and content for you to try out, and we’re very interested in hearing your feedback while the build is still on Testbed.

To make testing these out even more fun, we’ve decided to add an element of danger. This Sunday, at 3pm Pacific (11pm British Summer Time), we will be putting a full-PVP zone around every conquerable port on Testbed.

Do you dare set sail in such conditions? Can you evade or defeat all who stand in your path? Can you complete the Talk Like a Pirate Day missions without getting sunk by other players? To assist you, we will in Port Royal an hour before the seas turn red to hand out money and levels. Visit the docks from 2pm Pacific (10pm British Summer Time), so you’ll have plenty of cash to buy everything you need from the Auction houses.

We will also be watching the Testbed forums for your feedback after the event, and will be picking three random contributors for a prize of a 30 day timecard.

We Look forward to seeing you (sink) on Sunday!
/ Rhaegar