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(RP) Europa Roleplay Hub has opened!


Tired of playing against scripters? Tired of farming money to buy uber items? Tired of playing alone?
Whether you are a veteran or a new player, the Europa RP community is what you are looking for!

We have many guilds with friendly leaders, active players and daily pvm and pvp events, designed to have fun without worrying about skills, gold or items, nobody is too inexperienced to mess around and have fun with us!

We've opened a hub inside Luna walls where you can find guilds contacts, recall runes to our villages and more! Go take a look and join us!

AutoMap coordinates of the hub: 102o 7'N 18o 25'W
Events usually starts at 20.00 UK time
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I'm glad you liked the idea for such a hub and took it to Luna. In city, such place certainly sits in a far more visible location than the one I've been having near Yew Gate!

Was about to finally make a thread for mine but recon it'd be just silly to have 2 different threads for establishments of identical purpose.

So yeah, here's the Yew Gate version. If you have an RP guild you'd like to have featured here,no matter how small or large, feel free to drop a rune/recry book/colours/etc deco in the mailbox!

Also trying to fill that Atlas with relevant runes! If you have an RP location/establishment/etc in mind that is not already listed here, please let me know and/or drop a rune in mail.

Also, if anyone from Peoples Militia of Magincia is reading this, your book isn't displaying correctly for some reason! Maybe some EC->CC hickup.

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